An exclusive karaoke-lounge club in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, the only metropolis in this Muslim country where a foreign tourist can find the usual entertainment, invites girls to work on consumation.
Kuala Lumpur - a city with a population of more than 1.8 million people, known not only for its colonial architecture, but also for the world-famous Petronas twin towers; the capital of the federal constitutional monarchy, which consists of 13 states (sultanates, governorates, rajanatas) and three federal territories, a country in Southeast Asia, which occupies the southern part of the Malay Peninsula and the northern part of the island of Borneo (Kalimantan), which has borders with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia , the Sultanate of Brunei, washed by the waters of the South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca, as well as the Sulu Sea, which has many magnificent tropical beaches.

The club, which has Australians as the main visitors squandering money so as the rich representatives of the local multinational business community (many of which have already become its regulars), is open six days a week, and does not work on Sundays.


The club approves sociable, cheerful, pretty girls over the age of 18 years, no less than 160 cm tall, fluent in English, ready to work on consumation.

A girl who wants to work in a club should understand that not only without charm, but, perhaps, first of all, without sociability, friendliness, wit, the ability to attract Australian (mostly), so as local guests, all of which have seen a lot and are able to compare, without the ability to get talking them on the consumation, you won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with others beauties and smarties from all over the world. 


For citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, a visa to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days is not required.
It is not required for those who have a passport of one of the EU countries, as well as Kyrgyzstan, to visit Malaysia for up to 90 days.
The extension of the staying in Malaysia is carried out through flight/land departure to neighboring countries (Thailand, Indonesia, as well as Singapore for those who have an EU passport) and re-arrival in Kuala Lumpur under the so-called visa run, what can occur multiple. 
The minimum contract period is one month.


Working shift from 21:00 to 04:00.
Work and earnings - on consumation (hostess), that is a communication with the guests of the club, on which girls can earn hundreds of dollars per evening.
Consumation is active (girls approach the guests themselves), including on alcohol shots.
At work, girls should be dressed like in a disco, elegant and sexy: short dresses, skirts, shorts, tops (but not jeans, pants or t-shirts), shoes and sandals exclusively in high heels.
When working in a club, a girl should look attractive, with a beautiful hairstyle and make-up, be invariably polite with other working girls and courteous with guests of the club.
An important rule of consumation is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interest between different girls: a girl is not entitled to take a sit at a table at which another working girl communicates with a club guest without her permission.
To be intoxicated is strictly prohibited.
The system of work is open. In spare time, a girl has the right to meet with whom she wishes.
All kinds of sexual services are strictly prohibited.


The girl who works at the club receives a fixed salary of 7,500 Malaysian ringgits (MYR), which is equivalent to about 1800 USD.
It is paid upon fulfillment during the month of the drinks norm equal to 13500 MYR.
After reaching the specified norm, the girl earns 50% of the time cost rate spent with the guest and the prices of the drinks.
Wherein, earnings due to the time spent in communication with the guests are:
- 300 MYR for 1 hour of communication with the guest at the table (~ 72 USD);
- 600 MYR - for 2 hours (~ 144 USD);
- 900 MYR - for 3 hours or all night communicating at the table (~ 216 USD)
Girl's earnings on the drinks:
- 80 MYR per bottle of wine (~ 20 USD);
- 100 MYR per bottle of Champagne (~ 24 USD);
- 54 MYR for 1 shot (~ 13 USD);
- 324 MYR for 6 shots (~ 78 USD);
- 648 MYR for 12 shots (~ 155 USD).
All payments are made once every two weeks.
All tips a girl can keep in full.
It should be especially noted that girls do not pay me any commission; this is the club’s concern.
The girls are always interested in how much will earn in the club. Due to the accumulated clientele of the club, which has gained great fame and popularity, from the first working day girl can earn pretty well for the evening, and for the month, on average, 15000 MYR (~ 3590 USD).
However, it is obvious that, like in any other club, it depends on the competitiveness of the girl and not so much on her model appearance (although the appearance factor is certainly important), but on charm and sociability.
The club certainly is well known to the local moneybags and foreign visitors, and no doubts, provides the possibility of very decent earnings to each girl; you only need to be able to dispose properly this opportunity. In a word, you can earn here always a lot here and even more!


The club does not credit the flight ticket purchasing to Kuala Lumpur, considering the fact that the girl purchased the ticket on her own as a confirmation of her serious intention to try to earn a lot in mutual interests. Normally, a girl compensates her expenses for the flight through her earnings on consumation during one, maximum, two weeks.
The club provides accommodation in luxurious apartments with free Wi-Fi, in a new condominium with a pool, gym, hot tub and a sauna, for 2-3 girls in a room with a bath.
Once a week, the condominium employees are cleaning the house.
By the month completion 1,500 MYR (~ 360 USD) is deducted from the girl’s earnings per month as the payment for housing, which is pretty different from very high housing prices in the capital of the country. 


If you want to work in this club in Kuala Lumpur, fill out and send me an application here or on my email:, attaching to it 7-10 of your recent best photos, in which your shape in full body and face close up without sunglasses are clearly visible. 




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