A nightclub that became famous even before the pandemic in the Central Region of Denmark, in a city on the Jutland Peninsula, on the shores of the Kattegat Strait connecting the Baltic and North Seas, invites dancers who are ready to work on active consumation!
The club, designed for 75 guests, is open from 17:00 to 24:00.
The club employs 5-8 girls from different countries.


The club approves self-confident girls, mostly with EU citizenship or EU residence permit, from 18 years old, slender, attractive, sociable, serious and ambitious, ready to work on active consumation and striptease performance, including private dances, who speaks English.


Contract work for at least two months.


During the working shift, each dancer in turn performs at least five dances on the stage, 2 musical compositions each time (preferably her own) lasting 2-3 minutes each, every last 10 seconds of the performance - full naked, as well as at least 5 dances lasting 5 -10 minutes each performance, without undressing, in the club window behind a translucent curtain, in order to attract guests to the club.
After completing their stage performance, each dancer descends into the hall, going around each table with guests in turn, offering to subtly purchase her private dance or lap dance and non-aggressively encouraging them to treat her to a drink, starting from Picollo for 300 Danish crowns (DKK), but not beer or cocktail at a lower price, on which she earns nothing.
If within 15 minutes, maximum, the guest of the club remains indifferent, the dancer, after thanking and saying goodbye warmly, moves on to the next table.
The consumation is active, its important rule is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interests of different girls: a girl does not have the right to sit down at a table at which another working girl communicates with guests, without her permission.
The consumation of one drink lasts 15 minutes.
It is prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol at work. If a girl ignores this ban and is drunk at work, her contract will be terminated, she will be sent to her country without a fixed salary.
Lap dance lasting 6 minutes can be performed both in the common room and in one of the two private rooms available. In the latter, all types of private dances and shows lasting from 6 minutes to one hour are performed.
The girl performs lap dances and private dances, at least topless, leaving everything else to her discretion.
All kinds of sexual contact in a private room are strictly prohibited!
While at work, the girl should look elegant and sexy, have an appropriate hairstyle and make-up that should not be vulgar or aggressive, in the club wear her own sexy and elegant dresses (by no means cheap or vulgar, long-sleeved or dresses/skirts below the knee) and wear only high-heeled shoes; performing dances, have their own stage costumes and shoes; be consistently polite to other working girls and courteous to club guests.
On the days of costume parties, girls are obliged to wear costumes provided by the club.
The dancer must never discuss any work-related matters or disputes with or in front of (or within earshot of) the guests of the club. Any questions, suggestions and complaints are intended only for the management of the club (the owner, manager or bartender who is on duty during the work shift), and not for the guests of the club.
It is forbidden to beg the guest to buy something for the girl, and also to refuse to perform the dance:
- on stage in turn;
- full-naked dance from 600 DKK in the last 10 seconds,
- in the club window in turn,
- lap-dance.
In the event of such a refusal, the dancer will be sent home without pay for the day it occured.
The dancer is forbidden to participate in any parties or spend the night in a place other than the club's apartments, except on Saturday after the end of work.
It is forbidden to use a mobile phone when there are guests in the club, as well as to refuse a drink bought by a guest for a girl.
The dancer is paid a fixed salary of 350 DKK (~50 euros) per shift, payable at the completion of the contract.
In case if a girl didn't came to work, regardless of the reason, as well as on a day off, a fixed salary is not paid.
The fixed salary is not paid if the girl stops working at the club before the expiration of two months.
At the consumation, the girl gets 20% of the price of drinks (from 300 to 13,000 DKK).
For the first bottle on consumation on Fridays and Saturdays, the girl gets 50% of the price.
Commission is not paid if the girl had drinks during the work shift, with total price less than 300 DKK.
Commission is not paid for beer, soft drinks, shots.
For the performance of lap dance and all types of private dances/shows from 600 DKK to 5000 DKK (from €80 to €672), the girl receives 50% of the price.
All payments earned on the consumation and performance of dances during the previous week the girl receives once a week, on Mondays or Tuesdays.
An advance payments are available.
The girl shares all received tips with the club 50/50.


Tickets are not credited by the club.
For accommodation, the club provides working girls with comfortable apartments (to be cleaned by the girls themselves according to the schedule) 5 km from the place of work, with three bedrooms, 2-3 girls a room, a bathroom with a jacuzzi (cleaning is done by the girls themselves), a fully equipped kitchen (cleaning produced by the girls themselves), free Wi-Fi, for 130 DKK ~€17 per day) per person, deducted from the final payment at the end of the 2-month contract.
Bed linen and towels are provided by the club and are washed by the girl herself.
Male guests are not allowed in the club apartments.
The keys to the apartments are to be returned upon leaving. In their absence - a fine of 300 DKK.
Nearby are supermarkets, fitness center.
The city center and the beach are only 10 minutes away by bus.
The club provides a free transfer: housing-club-housing.


If you want to work in Denmark, fill out here and send me an application, attaching 7-10 of your latest best photos without photoshop, which were not taken in a photo studio, corresponding to the profile of the club, which clearly show your shapevin full body and close-up face without glasses, masks and headgear.


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