Club on the Caribbean (Saint-Martin island)

The best topless adult entertainment club not only on the island but also in the Caribbean, for many years, and this explains its popularity among regular customers, mostly from the U.S., Canada, and also from the "parent" Holland (the Netherlands) and France. Why of these European countries? 
The answer is simple: the island on the basis of the Treaty of 1648 is divided between the two countries. 
On the Northern French side of the island there is infrastructure with true French elegance: the modern luxury hotels, small, cosy bars and restaurants with gastronomic delights, fashion boutiques with the latest collections items of the world famous French fashion designers.
On the Southern Dutch side there are not only more than 500 Duty Free shops offering a large selection of jewelry, watches, electronics, clothing from top brands, but more than a dozen casinos, which are prohibited at the "neighbors", and strip bars and Nightclubs: a kind of Las Vegas in miniature. 
And else - 37 beautiful white sand beaches bathed by the waters of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean! 
And all these only for a respectable travellers and passengers of luxury cruise liners bringing here more than half a million people annually! 

Learn more about Saint-Martin (in Dutch - Sint Maarten) - here. 

The club is conveniently located in the epicenter of tourism of the highest class, with Marina for ocean super-class yachts, alluring casino, countless restaurants, Nightclubs and bars, near Simpson Bay Village which is the heart of the entertainment area of the Dutch part of the island. 

The club is open every day of the week, from 22:00 to 05:00-06:00
Many in the organization and practice of its work borrowed from the clubs of Las Vegas. 
Club is run normally from 40 up to 50 girls from different countries. 


The club approves of the girls with attractive appearance, slim shape in age from 21 to 35 years and with the height of not less than 165 cm, fluent in spoken English, communicative. 
Preferred with experience, although this is not the determining factor. 
The applicants can be the girls dancing Topless, pole dance, dancers of different styles or performing a dance show, ready to work on consumption, which, at the request of the girl, can be non-alcoholic (as consumption I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any drink for her or a bottle of Champagne or any other alcohol, sold by her to any customer during communication with him). 
The girl that wants to work in this club, must understand that without charm, grace, wit, ability to ingratiate herself with the rich, very rich and extremely rich tourists, which so keen to entertainment after beach relaxation (and believe me - they are willing to waste money at all, and with increasing levels of testosterone - even more so), ability get talking them on the consumption and sell them your private dance, you won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with others pretty and smart. 


I'll start from an important notice - a girl from any country must get her work permit from the island before coming there. The excluding concerns only those which are coming as a tourists only for one month - they can get a short term local contract and work under it. 

All the rest have to follow the procedure below. 

To obtain a work permit any girl approved by the club must send on my mail
- scanned copy of the passport; 
- 4 colored passport photos;
- signed work contract in English and official language of the country whose citizenship has the girl (before this I send to the girl both versions of the contract); 
- a signed Declaration (Affidavit) a standard form, indicating your address, name and surname, date of signing (before this I send this form to the girl); 
- scanned copy of your police clearance certificate obtained in the appropriate Ministry of Internal Affairs units or in the police according to the procedure of your country (dated not later than 6 months before the date of it's emailing to me);
- a scanned copy of a medical certificate, obtained in any official medical facility at the place of residence (stay) or from your family doctor (dated not later than 6 months before the date of it's emailing to me). 
The diagnosis which must be written it this certificate: "Healthy, able to work abroad", it must contain the seal of the doctor and his/her signature. 

Important: getting of the said certificate doesn't imply any medical tests. 

Both certificates must be translated into English. The translation of the police clearance certificate must be notarized (an Apostille is not required). 
It is extremely important that in the translation of medical certificate the diagnosis of "Healthy" was translated exactly as "Healthy", in any case not "Practically healthy" or "Almost healthy"! 

On the basis of these documents the boss of the club applies to the immigration office of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Netherlands on the island for a work permit for the girl. 
The process usually takes 5-6 weeks. 

It is important to note that the issuance of a work permit will be paid for by the club ($900) and won't be a financial burden on the girl, including in a latent form. 
The exception is when some girl doesn't work until the end of the minimum 3-month contract and terminates before the expiry of that period. In this case, she is obliged to reimburse the club the money spent on her work permit obtaining, in full. 

When the work permit is issued, the club sends the original (so-called "blue paper") to the girl's postal address via postal service FedEx.
After a girl received it, further depends on a girl's citizenship. If a girl is a passport holder of the country which citizens can enter to the Dutch part of the island without visa for staying for up to 90 days, she just gets her flight there having the completed file of the documents mentioned above, including, what is the most important, her work permit ("blue paper"), what she should to show to the passport control officer upon arrival.
The list of countries whose passport holders don't need a non-Schengen visa for staying for up to 90 days in St. Maarten island is here
If you want, you can check do you need visa in fact on this link:

If you are not a citizen of any country which passport holders can enter the Duch part of the island, you need to get your work visa after getting your work permit. 
For that you have to apply on-line or by phone to receive your work visa in the Consulate of the Netherlands (visa application center) in the country whose passport holder you are. 
When you visit the Consulate or Visa application centre at the appointed time you should have in the original full package of documents on the basis of which was formed a work permit (see above), the original of the received work permit (so-called "blue paper"), printed electronic version of a work contract in English and national language of the country whose nationality you are (with the signatures of the employer and yours), and filled out SOLELY IN ENGLISH application form (which can be downloaded here:,
and to pay the visa fee (€35 in Local currency) and service charge (different amounts in different countries). 


If you have in your passport a valid Schengen multivisa obtained in any Embassy (the list of Schengen countries is here), you don't need to undergo the procedure described above - getting all the documents, first of all, your work permit ("blue paper"), fly to St. Maarten and get your work visa there! 

The minimum contract period is 3 months, and it corresponds to the minimum term of a work visa validity. If any girl wishes, this period may be extended up to 6 months. 
Unfortunately, the extension beyond this period is not possible. 
The next work visa can be issued only in 12 months after the expiration of the previous one.


Dancers work 6 days a week, with one "moving" day-off per week, determined by mutual consent with the club management. Evening shift is 7-8 hours. Girls are required to arrive at the club at 21:30 (9:30pm) and to 22:00 (10:00pm) must be in the hall ready to their work. 

The basis of the club's work organizing is the American system, which is characterized by the following: 
- on the pole the Topless dancing is performing; 
- while performing Topless dancing on stage girl collects tips;
- private dances are performing up to full nudity;
- in order to keep a professional atmosphere the girl is obliged to change her stripper dance costumes three times per shift;
- there are no special requirements for stage costumes - long and short dresses are acceptable so as sexy lingerie (the latter by Fridays - white colour, by  Saturdays - red colour);
- dancers are caring about their costumes for performances themselves; 
- between dancing on stage the girls approach the guests proactive, without observing the queue, communicate with them, showing courtesy, friendliness, responsiveness, stylishness, prompting them to purchase champagne and other alcohol drinks (consumption). 

An important rule of consumption is avoiding a conflict of interest of different girls: any dancer does not have the right to sit down at a table, at which any another dancer communicates with the guest, without her permission.

At runtime all the girls must look elegant and sexy, have the appropriate hairstyle and make-up, wear own stripper dance costumes for a performance of the show on stage, and in the main hall of the club dressed in own sexy long and short dresses, wearing shoes solely with high heels. 

There is no fixed salary. 
Basic girls' earnings are on private dances: 
- private dance cost is $30 for 1 track (about 3 minutes), payable to the club; touch prohibited; a girl gets $20 for each dance up to the fifth inclusive, and $22 for each additional. 
Thus, only on the dancing a girl usually earns more than one hundred per shift. 
Additional, but important earnings for the girls is the consumption - receive commissions from different alcoholic beverages in bottles, sold by her to the customer, or purchased for her drinks while chatting with customer at his table: 
- 10 % of the price of a bottle of any alcohol sold by her to a customer; 
- $2 in the form of tokens for any drink which ordered for a girl by her customer during communication with her at his table (the first two tokens every night go to the club). If the girl wishes her drinks can be non-alcoholic. 
Dancer keeps all the tips in full. 

Important: all commissions for drinks on consumption girls get at the end of the contract period. 

The system is open, outs are possible.

The girls pay the club fee $30 daily, except day off. 
In addition, the girls pay for health insurance for the entire period of the contract in the amount of $400. 

It should be noted that girls don't pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club. 

The girls are wondering how much can they earn in the club. There is no short answer, because obviously, as in any other club, it depends on a girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), but on her charm, grace and sociability. And that's why it is so important to be able to communicate in English because most of the club guests are talking in this language. Although, if you speak French or Dutch, your advantage is no doubt! 
The club, of course, well known to tourists and luck catchers from all over the world (especially coming on the Dutch part of the island to spend money or to win in one of 13 (!) local casino) and, of course, provides every girl the opportunity very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. In short, to earn here not a few - a lot and even more is always possible.


The club provides a credit for a flight to the island from any airport, with the recovery by the girl the money spent on her tickets during the first month of her work. 

The club provides accommodation for the working girls for $50 per week per person in the comfortable and fully furnished rooms of a villa-type house,close to the ocean, 2-3 girls per room.  Wi-Fi and cable TV are available. 
Free Shuttle service from the residence to the club and back. 


If you want to work in the club on the island of Saint Martin, fill out and send me the application form here with attached recent pictures of yours with the shape in full height in sexy lingerie or swimsuit and also face close up without glasses. At least one photo must be topless (and this is not my whim, it is a requirement of the boss of the club). Besides, send on my mail: scanned copy of your passport, please.


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