The prestigious gentlemen's club in Cape Town, the second most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg, as well as the legislative capital of South Africa (the country's Parliament is located there), conveniently located in the heart of the city, its Central Business District for 6 years, next to the premium class hotels and the famous Victoria and Albert Waterfront, which has as its regular guests wealthy local businessmen, numerous parliamentary and government lobbyists, invites exotic (striptease) dancers who are ready to work on the drinks consumation as well. 

The club which capacity is up to 200 guests, is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from 16:00 (4.00 PM) to 24:00 (12.00 AM) - this schedule is temporary, closed on Mondays. 

From 12 to 20 girls from different countries of the world work on two floors of the club. 

Cape Town is a city in South Africa, the only African country that is a member of the G20.
Located in the southwest of the country on the Atlantic coast.
The South African Parliament and many government offices are located here.
A city with a population of 3,776,000 people (every 5th of which is white and almost half of them are colored) and an area of ​​2,444.97 km², is famous for its harbor and world-renowned attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, Victoria & Albert Waterfront, Two Oceans Aquarium - the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the architecture of the previous eras crated by the Dutch and British after centuries of ruling.
Cape Town has a warm Mediterranean climate, with mild, moderately humid winters, with average temperatures ranging from 8.5 ° C to 18 ° C, and dry, warm summers, with average temperatures between 16 ° C and 26 ° C. 
The hills surrounding the city are home to world famous vineyards and wineries. Cape Town has one of the highest levels of biodiversity among similar areas in the world, there are many parks, including the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens founded more than 100 years ago, recognized as one of the 7 best in the world.
Cape Town is the second largest economic center in South Africa and is home to the highest concentration of multimillionaires and has the largest number of expensive villas in South Africa.
The Cape Town Central Business District (CBD) is home to most of the offices and corporate headquarters of insurance companies, retail groups, publishing and design houses, fashion designers and architects, shipping, shipbuilding, petrochemical and space companies, advertising agencies and financial institutions. Today's Cape Town has become South Africa's Silicon Valley, home to innovative technology startups.
The Port of Cape Town, located along one of the busiest shipping corridors in the world, is the hub of shipping in the South Atlantic Ocean.
In 2014, Cape Town was voted the world design capital and the world's best place to visit.
The beaches in Cape Town, there are plenty of them, have a long tidal strip. 


The club approves of self-confident girls with experience in strip-dance and pole-dance, aged from 18 years, slim, attractive appearance, sociable, ready to work on active drinks consumation and perform striptease, including private dances, fluent in English. 

A girl who wants to work in the club should understand that not only without charm and grace, but, perhaps, above all, without sociability, the ability to win over discerning guests, the ability to sell them her private dance, to get talking them on the consumation, she won't be able to hold out for at least some long time in competition with other beauties and smarties. 


Work under a contract for a period from two months to one year, the period suitable for you is determined by the validity of your visa or your citizenship. 


Working girls have one day off a week, on Mondays.
By 16 o'clock (4.00 PM), the girls should be at the club, ready for work. 

As instructed by the club manager, girls who are not busy with the guests in the lap-room or private room (booth) should periodically go on stage, walking there in the "cat walk" style.
All dancers are obliged to follow the introduction policy: when the stage name of a girl is called on the speakerphone, if she is not in the lap-room or booth, she is obliged to get up and dance a little bit on the spot. 

The dancers, one by one, 4 times per work shift, perform dances on the stages on each floor near the pole, two musical tracks each time, the second one is topless.
Once a week, each dancer performs a stage show lasting two musical tracks each time, the second one is topless. 

After the dance completion the girl goes to the hall, approaching the guest sitting at the table and elegantly offering to buy her private dance and unobtrusively prompting him to buy some drink for her. If the guest wants to chat with the dancer or each additional girl, he pays for the Customer care service lasting 20 minutes. If, after the expiration of five musical tracks, the guest hasn't bought the girl's private dance or a drink for her, she should move to the next one table and, in the same way, to another, bypassing all the guests in turn. 

Girls can perform the following private dances for guests in one of 12 lap-rooms, all up to full-naked at the end of the musical track.
- table dance (7 min.)
- lap dance (7 min.)
- couples dance - performed by 2 dancers (7 min.)
- booby dance (15 min., the guest can touch the dancer's bust)
- lesbian show (7 min.)
The guest's touching to the intimate parts of the dancer's body is prohibited (except for booby dance).
In 5 private rooms (booths), dancers can perform different dances for a guest for half an hour or an hour.
The guest can also pay for dinner (dinner booking) with a dancer lasting for 2 hours or 6 hours. 

Consumation is active, on bottles of champagne and other alcohol, at the request of the girl can be alcohol-free.
Its important rule is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interests of different girls: a girl has no right to sit down at a table at which another working girl communicates with a guest, without invitation of the latter. 

While at work, a girl should look elegant and sexy, have an appropriate hairstyle and make-up, dress in her own sexy cocktail dresses in the main hall of the club, which she should have at least three (by no means cheap or vulgar), and wear shoes exclusively with high heels; for dancing to have her own, as a rule, stage costumes and shoes, for the time after dancing and for performances in lap-rooms and booths to have beautiful and sexy lingerie; be invariably polite to other working girls and courteous to the guests of the club. 

It is prohibited to be intoxicated at work.
Any kind of sex, prostitution, escort services, drug use at the club 
are strictly prohibited.
Girls are forbidden to provide club guests with a phone number and meet with them in their spare time! A guest cannot lift a girl from work or to work!
No chewing gum, no any glitter at work in makeup or clothes! 
Smoking is permissible only at a table where people are already smoking! Moving with a lit cigarette is prohibited!
Putting your feet on a sofa, lying down, and even more so sleeping at work is prohibited!
In a case of illness, the girl is obliged to provide the employer with
a doctor's certificate confirming her illness.
For these violations, as well as for being late or not showing up for work - fines, with possible fire! 


The dancer gets 75% commission:
a) for each of the private dances at the price:
- table dance - 400 rands (R400 - $ 26.5) for one guest, plus R50 ($ 3.3) for each additional.
- lap dance - R600 ($ 39.75)
- couples dance - R700 ($ 46.37)
- booby dance - R1000 ($ 66.25)
- lesbian show - R800 ($ 53)
b) Customer care at R500 ($ 33.13).
c) private booth at the price of R2200 ($ 145.74) and R3500 ($ 231.85)
d) dinner booking at the price of R6000 ($ 397.57) and R10000 ($ 662.57).
For consumed drinks with prices ranging from R500 ($ 33.13) to R5550 ($ 367.65), the girl receives 10% of the price.
All payments are made once a week, on Wednesdays. 

Of the tips received, the girl keeps 75% for herself. 

Once a week, the girl pays the club a club fee (levy) in the amount of: for the first week - R1000 and further - R2200 weekly. 


The air ticket is not credited.
When flying to South Africa, girls must have a negative COVID test certificate received no later than 72 hours before departure time. 

Transfer from the airport upon arrival in Cape Town and upon departure upon completion of the contract is free. 

The club provides working girls with accommodation in comfortable 3-bedroom apartments in a residential complex with security and video surveillance, in a safe area, 5 minutes' drive from the club, with heating, hot / cold water supply, air conditioning, 2 girls per room, with a kitchen with a microwave , refrigerator, kettle, crockery and cutlery, with a washing machine and free WiFi, for R1000 ($ 66.25) for the first week and R1500 ($ 100.5) for each subsequent week per person.
Bed linen is provided, the girl must have her own towels.
The maid will clean the apartment once a week.
The club pays for the transfer accommodation-club-accommodation. 


If you want to work in Cape Town, fill out here and send me an application, attaching 7-10 of your recent best pics without Photoshop, corresponding to the club's profile, in which your shape in a full body and a close-up face without glasses are clearly visible.


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