club in Bali

Luxurious and ultra-modern club at the biggest and most developed, popular and bustling resort of Bali - Kuta which is a suburb of the island's capital Denpasar.
Being the most prestigious, it is a must visit venue of the resort, surrounded by hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and other clubs, souvenir shops and trendy boutiques, all of which annually attracts a million of tourists from neighboring Australia, and even more from Europe and the U.S.! A lot of them are from Singapore - fortunately the flight time is only for 2.5 hours.
To take part in a party in, undoubtedly, the best club in Bali, consider it an honor by internationally renowned DJs, dance teams, singers. So, to come here both to work and have fun it's equally not just.
The club can accommodate up to 1,000 guests (mostly they are the main visitors of the club Australians throwaway money left and right and imitating them representatives of the local officials and the business community) and is open from Wednesday to Sunday (during August by Mondays as well, twice in two weeks), from 23:00 to 06:00.

Located slightly South of the equator, Bali has a climate with temperatures from 23 °C to 35 °C maximum, is surrounded year-round warm and clear waters of the Indian ocean in the South and the Bali sea in the North, with the incredible variety of underwater world, the endless alternation of white and Vice versa, dark, almost charcoal sandy beaches, fringed by emerald jungle-lined, which create a wonderful contrast with the deep blue hue of the water. It is a Paradise not only for surfers and divers, but also for clubbers, fans and shopaholics. And in this combination - its uniqueness, as an additional factor of attraction to Bali in General, and to Kuta, in particular, of a huge tourist diversity.


The club was purchased by the boss Singaporean clubs, respectively the possibility of employment in Bali get only the girls which used to work or are working now in his clubs in Singapore. 
And this facilitates both the selection of candidates for employment, and the work of the girls in the club: its rules are very similar to the well-known for them the regulation in the clubs in Singapore.


The applicants for employment approved on their passport copies, will be issued the working visa with a validity of three months, which will be stamped in their passport upon arrival at the Denpasar airport. 
The visa processing time is not less than 5 working days.
A contract will be signed with each arrived girl, and the validity of it coincides with the visa term of validity.


The girls will arrive at work half an hour before the opening of the club, if necessary tidying themselves up in the dressing rooms. 
Should be dressed as a disco style: short dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings (but not jeans or t-shirts), shoes only high heels. 
Working in the club, the girl should look attractive, be unfailingly polite with other working girls and friendly with the guests of the club. 
Main work is on the consumation, which any girl can earn in a night, usually more than one hundred dollars. 
To be in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited. 
The open system, the outputs are possible.
Willing to participate in the show programs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, will perform by groups of 5 girls, successively (4 shows during work shift, 15 minutes each).


The minimum monthly earning is 2190 USD($). 
Consists of a fixed salary of $1000, paid once per month subject to the fulfillment of norm (target) of the sold ladies drinks (glasses) -170 drinks per month, for each of which she receives $7 and a bottle of champagne, equivalent to 10 glasses - $70 (7x170=1190; 1000+1190=$2190). 
When exceeding the norm, then will be paid a bonus to salary: $1000 for every 100 glasses. If failed the target, fixed salary will not be paid, the earnings only on the consumation. 

Prices for the consummation (which, at the request of the girl, can be non-alcoholic): 
a glass of cocktail (15-20 minutes) - $7, 
bottle of champagne (1 hour) - $70.
Earned in the consumation are paid once a week. 

All the received tips, the girl keeps in full.

When a girl is wondered, how much will she earn in the club, you have to understand that, like in any other club, it depends on your competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model, but from sociability and charm. That is why it is so important the ability to communicate in English - because the vast majority of the club guests are talking in this language. 

The club is well-known to tourists from all over the world and local establishment, seeking to be in the mainstream, of course, gives every girl the opportunity to very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. 

Especially it should be noted that girls don't pay me any Commission; it is the concern of the club. 


The club pays for the flights from Singapore to Bali and back. 

The accommodation, free to girls is in the comfortable 2-storey house, located in a secured residential complex, 5 km from the beach. House with 10 girls, with three large bedrooms (3 girls in each) and one small bedroom, each with air conditioning, a bathroom; a kitchen with all necessary equipment, washing machine and living room with patio access - internal green courtyard. 
Bed linen, free Wi-Fi, free Shuttle service: house-club-house will be provided. 


If You want to work in a club in Bali, fill out here or send on my email: 7-10 recent photos, on which both your shape and face close up without glasses are clearly visible, for performing girls, besides, photos in their costumes, preferably a video presentation, a brief summary (nationality, name, surname, age, height, weight, experience, creative skills, level of English).


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