A new modern night club in the heart of the Chinese tropical paradise - Hainan Island, a short drive from the island's capital city of Haikou, opened its doors to female dancers who want to work on consumation.

Hainan is an island and a province in southern China, on the same latitude as Hawaii, in the tropical waters of the South China Sea, with a population of 9 million people, a dynamic resort, visited annually by more than 76 million tourists spending almost $ 14 billion on the island ! It is famous for its snow-white beaches washed by azure waters, with comfortable temperatures all year round (average annual air temperature is +23 ... + 25 ° С), magnificent natural parks, thermal springs, and first-class tourist infrastructure.

The club for 500 guests and 50 working girls from around the world, during its pilot mode operating, has already proven itself to be a great holiday destination for wealthy tourists and rich locals, spending here many tens of thousands nightly, is opened seven days a week, from 8.00 PM to 02.00 AM.


The club approves of cheerful, sociable, cute girls-dancers under the age of 28 who speak English, and even better - Chinese, who are ready to work on consumation.

A girl who wants to work in a club must understand that not only without charm and grace, but, first of all, without wit, the ability to attract discerning the pragmatic locals and sophisticated European and other guests, the ability to sell them her dance, to get them talking at a consumation, she will not be able to hold out for at least any long time in a competition with other beauties and smarties.


Citizens of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and all the rest the EU countries, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many other countries, totally 59, can enter Hainan without visa and stay up to 30 days, provided that the passports holders of these countries arrived in Hainan by direct flight from any country other than Mainland China, as well as a direct flight from Hong Kong or via Hong Kong (
The extension of the stay in Hainan is carried out through a flight to neighboring countries (for example, Vietnam or Hong Kong) and repeated arrival in Hainan, which can happen repeatedly. At the same time, the club will cover all the expenses of the girl on flights and accommodation in another country, and, if necessary, on obtaining a visa as well.
The minimum contract period is one month, in fact, this is a trial period during which the employer determines the suitability of the girl for a work visa employment. 
A work visa is issued for a period of one year only.


Girls work in the club, having 4 days off per calendar month, provided by the club manager on a rolling schedule.
Work and earnings - on consumation (hostess), that is, communication with the guests of the club, and dancing, at the request of the guest of the club, on which girls can earn hundreds of dollars per evening.
With each new guest's entering to the club, after he took a place at the table, all working girls, in rotation, introduce themselves and start a conversation, during which they unobtrusively prompt him to buy one of the drinks related to consumation, or one of three dances that the girl can perform for the guest.
According to the guest's wish, the girl performs for him, without taking off any items of her clothes:
- Beer Dance - usual table dance;
- Ordinary Dance - dance on one of the 8 small stages in the club;
- Cheek dance - sensual dance with a guest close to his table.
All dances last about one minute, touching the sexual parts of the dancer's body is not allowed.

Consumation is active (girls approach the guests themselves), at the request of the girl and her agreement with the bartender, it can be non-alcoholic.
An important rule of consumation is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interest between different girls: a girl is not entitled to take a sit at a table at which another working girl communicates with the club's guest, without permission of the latter girl or without invititaion of the guest at this table.
At the consumation, the guest can order for the girl:
- Champagne Liquor (minimum 15 minutes of communication);
- Champagne Set (minimum 30 minutes of communication);
- Liquor Set (minimum 30 minutes of communication).

At work, girls should be dressed as in a discoteque, elegant and sexy: either in the uniform provided by the club, or in their own short dresses, skirts, tops (but not jeans, pants or t-shirts), shoes and sandals only in high heels.
When working in a club, a girl should look attractive, with a beautiful hairstyle and make-up, be invariably polite with other working girls and courteous with guests of the club.

Absenteeism without good reason, non-compliance with the established rules of the club, failure to comply with the legal requirements of the club management - entails a warning for the first time about the inadmissibility of repetition; in case of repeated violation the contract with the guilty girl will be terminated.

Upon signing the contract, the girl’s passport is transferred to the employer for storage for the duration of the contract, with the possibility of receiving it by the girl at any time if necessary.

The system of work is open. A girl has the right to provide her phone number to a guest of the club and to meet in her spare time with whom she wishes, always informing the club manager about how long, where and with whom she will meet. This rule is stipulated by the requirements of the PRC legislation, which imposes on the host side, which is the employer, the obligation to register arriving foreign citizens in the relevant local authorities and act as a guarantor of compliance by foreigners with the established legislation and rules, what determines the need for the employer to have this information.
All types of services of an intimate nature, the use of narcotic drugs and possession of them are strictly prohibited.


The girl working at the club, receives a fixed salary of 8,000 yuan (CNY, or RMB), equivalent to about 1,144 USD.
If a girl has not worked for one month and leaves for personal reasons, the club has the right not to pay a fixed salary (without expanding this right to the girl’s other earnings).

After reaching the norm within a calendar month in terms of value equal to 4000 CNY (~ 572 USD), the girl earns for dancing and consumation:
- Beer Dance - 60 CNY (~ 8.5 USD);
- Ordinary Dance -150 CNY (~ 21.4 USD);
- Cheek Dance - 300 CNY (~ 42.9).
- Champagne Liquor - 100 CNY (~ 14.3 USD);
- Champagne Set - 500 CNY (~ 71.5 USD);
- Liquor Set - 1000 CNY (~ 143 USD).

The club has a system of the guests' presents to the girls with which they liked to communicate, by flowers purchased at the club with prices of 1,000 to 100,000 CNY (from ~ 143 USD to ~ 14,294.5 USD), for each of which the girl gets 40% of the price.
The girl is forbidden to ask the guest not to present her a flower and give her a tip in cash instead.

With the girl's consent, guest can, having paid to the club 1200 CNY, invite the girl to accompany him to another club or restaurant, etc. for the time agreed upon with the club manager, after expiration of which this guest is obliged to bring the girl to the club or to the place of residence not later than 09:00 in the morning, discussing the event and the reasons for the possible delay with the club manager by phone.
Payment of this service to a girl (usually from 3000 CNY - about 439 USD) is negotiated by her directly with the guest and is not subject to be shared with the club.

All of the above components of the girl’s earnings (dancing, consumation, flowers and accompanying a guest outside the club) are accounted into the norm of 4000 CNY, after reaching of which the girl begins to get the above percentage for dancing, drinks on consumation and flowers receiving.

Tips in cash received by the girl from the guest are not subject to be shared with the club.

All payments are made once a month on the 5th day; advance payment is possible.
If the girl leaves Hainan on a different day, the earned money will be paid no later than the day before departure.

It should be especially noted that girls do not pay me any commission; this is the club’s concern.

The girl cannot but be interested in how much she will earn in the club. A diligently working girl will earn from 25,000 CNY (~3,573 USD) to 60,000 CNY (~8577 USD) or more within a calendar month.
However, it is obvious that, like in any other club, it depends on the competitiveness of the girl and not so much on her model appearance (although the appearance factor is certainly important), but on charm and sociability.
The club is already well known both to the local moneybags, and visitors, and, without a doubt, provides the opportunity of very decent earnings to each girl; you only need to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity.
need to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity.


The club will reimburse the girl for the cost of her ticket to Hainan in the amount of 3,000 CNY (~ 429 USD).
The club will purchase for a girl a ticket from Hainan at her work period completion or reimburse the costs of a ticket already bought, in the amount of 3,000 CNY (~ 429 USD) if the girl has not completed the 6-month work period and will fully cover of her expenses for such a ticket if the girl has worked more than 6 months.
However, if the girl has not completed for one month of work and leaves for personal reasons, the club will not reimburse her for the costs of tickets to Hainan and from Hainan.

The club provides free accommodation a few minutes drive from the club in the 18-bedroom apartment complex with air conditioning, one to four girls a room, with free Wi-Fi, a kitchen with a fridge, a washing machine, with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, including bedding linen and towels.
Transfer housing-club-housing is free.
Three times a day girls are provided with free meals in the apartment complex, dishes of their usual cuisine will be prepared by an experienced chef.
Once a week, free cleaning is provided for girls in the apartment complex.


If you want to work in the club in Hainan, fill out an application and send me here or email to, attaching to it 7-10 of your recent best pics, in which both your shape in full body and a close-up face without glasses are clearly visible.



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