Prestigious gentlemen's club existing for 5 years in Satakunta region of Finland, the heart of whole Scandinavian-famous Pohjoismaiden (Nordic) Riviera on the Finnish shore of the Bothnian gulf, glorious with its one of the longest white sandy beaches in Scandinavia (what even has attracted once legendary Rolling Stones to perform there!) invites to work strip dancers who are ready to work on consumation.
Club for up to 80 guests is opener from Tuesday till Saturday, 5 days a week: 
- Tuesday-Thursday: 21:00-02:00;
- Friday-Saturday: 22:00-04:00 or 05:00, or until the last one customer.
Up to 5 girls from different countries of the EU are run at the club being therefore the precious highlights of it.
Finnish region of Satakunta has got a rich history with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, scenic medieval and XVIII century towns and villages with amazing examples of wooden architecture, incredibly beautiful nature, including rocks-formated archipelagos of majestic beauty, picturesque maritime landscape with longest sandy beaches filled with quaint dunes, charming forested areas, cleanest lakes and impressive granite ridges, delightful rivers with lovely waterfalls, whole-year-round internation events, such as Jazz festival and many genres concerts, popular mounting-ski resorts.


The club approves self-confident girls with the EU citizenship from the age of 18, slim shaped, with attractive appearance, sociable, serious-minded and ambitious, willing to work on active consumation and striptease, including private dances, who speak conversational English language.
Girl that wants to work in the club should understand that not only without the charm, but maybe, most of all, without the elegance, wit, ability to be likable with demanding local guests, the ability get talking them on the consumation, you won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with others pretty and smart from all over Europe. 
Work under the contract for a period of two weeks up to any period by girl's wish. 
Club has accepted a Clean Club status, what means the Club guarantees that dancer’s work in the club is clean, safe and legal, there is no prostitution (no sex of any kind), nor escort service (no going out with clients) in the club, it is forbidden to touch (paw), insult and harass the dancers. There are no sauna, bath or jacuzzi services, neither any kind of massage services in the club. Club provides security service for the dancers and protects dancers against any physical and non-physical violence and harassment.
Club will take care of any required paperwork regarding each employed girl (legal registration and tax papers). According to the legislation of Finland, the club will withhold Finnish income tax (lähdevero) - 15% plus 7% for insurance (health, pension, in particular), from any amount paid out by the club to a dancer (salary and commission from consumation and private dances perfjrming). Printout of tax amount withheld and paid to state of Finland is available upon request.
Working girls have two days-off weekly, on Sunday and Monday when the club is closed.
On Tuesdays-Thursdays dancers should be at work latest at 20:45, while on Fridays-Saturdays they are obliged be at work not later, than at 21:45.
After club's doors opening all dancers should be sitting at the bar desk, waiting for customers will come the club after what girls should perform 1-song pole-topless dance at the stage during up to 5 minutes.
Such dance should be performed by each dancer 4-5 times within her work shift.
Dancers collect tips after each dance show like that. 
Girl is obliged to perform private dances (showes) at the club's private rooms with duration of: 10 min., 20 min., 30 min., 1 hour, 2 hours, - which in all cases is full nudity show, where to touch any parts of her body, so as for dancer to touch any parts of her customer's body is prohibited.
Being at work, the girl should look elegant and sexy, have a matching hairstyle and make-up, in the the club wear her own sexy and elegant dresses (in no case cheap or vulgar) and put high-heeled shoes only; performing dances, to have their own stage costumes and shoes; be consistently polite with other working girls and courteous to the guests of the club.
Consumation is active, its important rule is the inadmissibility of the conflict of interests of different girls: a girl does not have the right to sit at a table at which another working girl communicates with guests without her permission.
NB! If dancer doesn't drink alcohol, club can make for her special alcohol-free lady drinks. And she can also change the alcohol or spill it.
Being intoxicated at work is prohibited.
Dancers shouldn't meet with club’s customers outside the club, neither they should undertake any risky affairs with any persons during her spare-time as well (it is not recommended to participate in party with any strangers, to visit any private places and venues, to make friends with suspicious people, etc.). 
Dancer must never discuss any work related questions or disputes with or in the presence of (or in hearing distance) the customers. Any questions, proposals and complaints are only for the club management (owner or manager or bartender who is on duty during the work shift), not for customers.
Any serious reason to believe that dancer is involved in prostitution, using or handling illegal drugs during her work contract or that her behavior endangers her own or other dancers’ life or health entitles club to terminate dancer’s contract. 


Strip dancers working on consumation can choose anynof two options of her earnings: 
1. WITH FIXED SALARY - €50 per working day and 15% commission from drinks consumation and private dances performing.
2. WITHOUT FIXED SALARY - gets 30% from drinks consumation and private dances performing.
Club drinks prices: 
- lady drinks - from €25; 
- bottle of sparkling wine - from €100 to €200; 
- bottle of shampagne - from €350 to €600.
Club private show prices: 
- 10 min/€40; 
- 20 min/€80; 
- 30 min/€120;
- 1 hour/240; 
- 2 hours/€480.
All the received tips girl keeps in full without sharing with the club.
Club guarantees that dancer’s salary during each 5-days work week will not fall lower than net (net=after taxes) minimum €40 per day (as arithmetic average, if 5 work days per week as usual, then guaranteed minimum income for a week is €200). If dancer’s salary will be lower than guaranteed minimum, then Club will pay the difference. For guaranteed minimum only commissions are calculated, tips what dancer may receive and keep direct, are not counted. 
The salary and commissions are paid to a dancer upon the contract term completion to her bank account (dancers must know their IBAN and Swift code).
After girl started to work, she can request about payment some amount in advance for some urgent needs and the club will pay her €100-150.
Each dancer should signs every night after work shift the amount of money she earned during work shift. Club has got a good system what makes it easy for any dancer to check anytime she wants how much she has earned so far. 
The girl normally is interested, how much she'll earn in the club. 
Due to the stable local clientele of the club since the first day it is almost impossible to earn less than €500 per week, usually dancers earn €500-1200 a week, but during good weeks well working dancers always can earn more!
However, it is clear that, as in any other club, it depends on the girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), much of charm, grace and sociability.
The Club, of course, is well known both for local wealthy and happy Finns (which being the happiest nation of the world according to the UN annual report, are spending their money happily and easy), and visiting sanguine gents and, no doubt, give to every girl the opportunity of a very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. 


Tickets are not credited by the club.
If dancer will complete to work minimum 2 full calendar weeks (or total 10 consequent work nights) the club will refund her up to €100 of her ticket costs (for that tickets with indicated price or tickets tickets must be provided to the club by a dancer). If dancer works less than total 10 consequent work nights, then club will not refund her expenses for the tickets.
The club provides to the working girls free accommodation in the club's apartment 5 minutes of walk from the club, with 2 rooms, 2-3 girls a room, with shower, kitchen with all what's necessary for comfortable staying, free Wi-Fi.
Each girl needs to bring her own bed linen and towels.
Visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the club apartment. 
Smoking is not allowed in the apartment. 
The girl shall clean the apartment into the same condition it was before her arrival (dishes, toilet, garbage and vacuum cleaning). 
The girls shall also respect and keep the peace and silence of the apartment. 
NB! Apartment is for dancers’ safe and clean accommodation only! No parties, no loud music or noises, no fighting, no physical or psychological violence, no drugs! Dancer must keep apartment clean and sound, also respect other dancers’ and neighbors’ privacy, safety and well-being. If any of the dancers does not respect these rules, other dancers are obliged to demand her to stop breaching of these rules and if this doesn't help, then to call the club manager or owner. If dancers prefer not to demand stop of breach of rules or not to report prompt to the club manager or owner, then the latter will consider that they are involved to the breach committing, with the relevant consequences.


If you want to work in Finland, fill out here and send me an application, attaching to it 7-10 of your recent best photos without photoshop which weren't taken at a photo studio, corresponding to the club’s profile, on which both your shape in the full body and face close up without glasses are clearly visible.


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