Club in Zalec, Slovenia

Well-known in Slovenia and abroad nightclub in the beautiful town of Žalec in the center of the country, located on the picturesque hills in the valley of the river Savinja, close to the European Spa resort and the historic towns of Celje and Lasko, visited by tourists from all over Europe and, above all, from the neighbouring Austria.
This is due to the club's guests structure - a respectable European tourists, mainly from Austria.

Slovenia is a country in southern Central Europe, located in the pre-Alpine part of the Balkan Peninsula, on the West bordering with Italy, on the North with Austria, on the North-East with Hungary, on the East and South with Croatia. Washed by the Adriatic sea. The territory of the country is 20 253 km2 with a population of just over 2 million people. The Capital - city of Ljubljana. The official language is Slovenian.
Industrial country with a developing economy. The independence of this former Yugoslav Republic was proclaimed 25.06.1991, and 01.05.2004 Slovenia joined the European Union. The monetary unit is the Euro.
Learn more about Slovenia and Žalec here.

The club is housed in the hotel building in which there is a casino, open from 21:00 until 03:00. Every second Sunday of the month - day-off.

Normally in the club are run up to 12 girls from different countries of the world.


The club invites girls aged 18 to 35 years old, with attractive appearance and slim: show-ballets of 2-3 dancers, strip dancers, hostesses, for all - with the obligatory consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any drink for her or a bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne to drink together with him). Preferred with experience. Knowledge of foreign language is desirable.

The girl that wants to work in the club, should understand that not only without the charm and grace, but maybe, above all, without wit, ability to ingratiate herself with exacting Austrians, emotional, Italians and Slavic soul's local guests, the ability to sell them her private dance, to get talking them on the consumption, she will not be able to hold on at least any long in the competition with others pretty and smart from all over Europe and not only.


It's absolutely easy to get a job in this club for the EU citizens. Just come and start your work under contract for a period from one month to any term which you agreed with the club boss about. 

For all the rest a work by a contract for a period of 6 months with the EU working visa, fixed salary, health and pension insurance.

After approval of the girl by her pictures which she must send to me, for getting of a work permit (looks like a Bank card), you must send to the employer through the postal services DHL or FedEx:
- the copy of your passport certified by a notary;
- two passport size photos 3 by 4 cm;
- the police clearance certificate (with apostille).

The issuing of a work permit takes from 14 to 30 days.

After its issuing, the employer will submit the documents for girl's one-year work visa issuing, what takes about 30 days.
In the course of this a girl will be invited to the Consulate of Slovenia in the country whose nationality she has, for the interview (in order to ascertain whether she knows where will she go and what will she do) and her fingerprinting. In this case she will need to bring a passport photo with her. 

In about two weeks (this period is included in the 30-day total period of work visa expecting) after a successful interview, a girl will pick up her work visa at the Consulate of Slovenia. 
The term work visa can be extended without departure from Slovenia, each time for one year.

It should be noted that you don't bear any costs, including in hidden form, for the work visa application; it is paid by the club.


The show-ballet is run up every evening (except Sunday), starts at 00:30 and up to 01:00 should be performed 5 dances, with a duration of about 5 minutes each. 
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays show-ballet is dancing at the casino, starting at 22:00, and performs 3 dances of the same duration.

The intervals between the performances of the show ballet at the club (not at the casino) are filled with topless dancers and strip dancers, who perform on a pole: two dances with duration of 5 minutes each.

The performing of a lap danced is possible. 
Touchable or untouchable - it's up to the girl.

All dancers must have a scenic costumes and shoes, as well as their own music tracks.

All the girls should look at work neat and attractive, with nice hair styling and make-up, dressed in cocktail dresses and shoes (sandals) on high heels.
For dressing and preparation for performances there are dressing rooms at the club. 

For a late for work the girl will be fined in the amount of EUR 70, in the case of being at work intoxicated the fine - EUR 140 .

The system is open. Meetings with guests of the club are not prohibited, if the guest continues to visit the club. 


Monthly every girl is paid a fixed salary:
- for working only on the consumption - 300 Euro;
- for topless dancers - 500 Euro;
- for strip dancers (full naked) - 600 Euro;
- for participating in a show-ballet - 900 Euro.

Wages in these amounts will be paid upon execution of the norms of the drinks on the consumption:.
60 conventional unit-standard bottles during a month for all the girls, except the dancers of the show-ballets (their norm is 20 bottles for a month).
One standard bottle is equivalent to 3 small bottles (pikolo) or 4 glasses of cocktail.

When the reached parameter is less than 60 bottles during a month, girl pays to the club 100 Euro, if less than 50 bottles - 150 Euro, less than 40 bottles - 200 Euro.

If the show-ballet dancer didn't reach the norm of 20 bottles during a month, the size of her fixed salary will be reduced by 100 Euro.

However, for the first month of any girls these rules don't apply.
Depending on the current situation at the club the club boss lowers the norms.

For a lap dance a dancer gets 20 Euro.

In addition, she receives from the drinks on her consumption: 
- French champagne Dom Perignon with the price of 300 Euro - gets 50 Euro;
- Slovenian sparkling wine or Belgian non-alcoholic sparkling wine with the price of 72 Euro per standard bottle - 6 Euro;
- a small bottle of the same wine (pikolo) with the price of 24 Euro - 2 Euro;
- a cocktail with the price of18 Euro - 1.5 Euro.
The payout of earned on the daily consumption is at the end of the work shift.

A girl can keep all received tips fully.

When a girl is interested, how much can she earn in the club, you have to understand that, like any other club, it depends on a girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), but on her charisma, charm, grace and sociability. And that's why it is so important to be able to communicate in English because most of the club guests are able to talk in this language.

The club is long well-known for the businessmen and tourists not only from the above mentioned countries and, no doubt, provides for every girl the opportunity of a decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. 
Since Slovenia does not have a explicit tourist seasonality (because the beauty of its mountains which are attracting people here, just is changing from the calendar of the season, but not disappear), to earn here not a few you can always.
The average minimum wages per month ranges from €2,000 to €3,500.

It should be noted that girls do not pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club.


The club pays for a girl's ticket (by flight to Budapest, Hungary, by train from Ukraine), as a rule, when the price of the tickets is up to 500 Euro. At a higher price, for the exceeds over 500 Euro a credit is available. 
From Budapest to Žalec free Shuttle service provides.

The club provides free staying at the hotel, 2-3 girls in the room with all amenities, Internet, kitchen, fridge.

Twice a day, at 14:30 and 18:30, seven days a week, for the girls are given free meals from the kitchen of the restaurant.


If you want to work in this club, please fill out here and send me the application form, attaching to it a few of recent pictures of yours, which are clearly visible your shape in the full height and face close up without glasses. 


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