For over 30 years, one of the most famous and popular nightclubs of the Greek capital has been an attractive magnet and a favorite leisure destination for the wealthy metropolitan audience.
The club for 150 guests is located in the central part of Athens, just minutes from the Acropolis and the National Archaeological and Byzantine Museums, the picturesque Plaka district, Syntagma Square with the building of the Parliament of the country, the National Garden, the famous Kolonaki shopping district and the main shopping street Ermou.

Athens - the capital of Greece, is the economic, cultural and administrative center of the country, a city with ancient history, which has defined in the 5th century BC many development trends of later European culture, the founder of the modern political system modeled on Western civilization - democracy, with the focus of World Heritage sites protected by UNESCO.
Todays Athens is a metropolis (about 4 million inhabitants) with ancient monuments, world famous for its nightlife, top-level shopping centers, and popular beaches.

The club is open seven days a week from 22:00 to 06:00 on weekdays, and until 07: 07-07: 30 on weekends.
The club employs up to 35 girls from different countries.


For work are accepted the girls with a nice appearance, slender, aged 18 to 35 years, height from 170 cm, experienced, with English level enough to communicate, sociable, purposeful.

A girl who wants to work in a club should understand that not only without charm and grace, but, first of all, without wit, ability to attract emotional and expressive local, pragmatic and demanding European and other guests, to get talking them on the consumation, she will not be able to hold out at least for a long time in a competition with other beauties and smarties from all over Europe.


The minimum employment period is 60 days. The maximum period is determined by the validity period of your visa or residence permit in the European Union.


Work on active consumation (the girls approach the guests themselves), which, at the wish of the girl, can be non-alcoholic.
Graceful girls can perform go-go dances on stage, if they wish, usually 2-3 times per shift, at least 3 minutes each time (at the discretion and request of the club management), having their own costumes for this.
Working girls have one day off from the club per week (except Thursday, Friday and Saturday), which must be agreed with the club management 2-3 days prior, must coming at work daily no later than at midnight, with a working shift of at least 8 hours (if the girl started working at midnight, her work shift, after completion of the club’s operating hours, lasts until the last guest will leave).
By the beginning of the work shift, the girls are seated at the bar and at tables waiting for guests, when the latter appeared, after serving of their tables, approach each of them, one by one, politely greeting and introducing themselves, start a short conversation with a goal to initiate the guest would treat her with a drink or buying a bottle of champagne.

Being at work, the girl should look neat and sexy, have a beautiful hairstyle and make-up appropriate for this, wear any clothes to look sexy, alternating it day after day (no way cheap or vulgar),
shoes with high heels, excluding rough shoes or ankle boots; to be always polite with other working girls and courteous with the guests of the club.

Being in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited.


Girls receive a fixed salary of 50 euros per day, for what it is recommended (not mandatory) to consume 5 standard drinks for a shift.
At a consumation girls earn, starting from the 7th of such a drink (while earnings for the 6th of such a drink are transferred to the club) - 30% of the price of the drink:
- standard drink for € 10 (10 minutes of communication) - 3 euros;
- double drink for € 20 (12-15 minutes of communication) - 6 euros;
- triple drink for € 30 (20 minutes of communication) - 9 euros;
- a small bottle of champagne for € 50 (30 minutes of communication) - 15 euros;
- a standard bottle of champagne (1 hour of communication) - 60 euros.
For each performance on the stage go-go dancer receives a surcharge of 10 euros.
Important: in a case of low profits for a few days, a girl's work option can be modified to payment without a fixed daily salary, with earnings only the commissions for consumable drinks. The girl can choose the same option of work on her own.
In this case, the girl earns for the first 4 drinks - the full amount of their price, the 5th is transferred to the club, and starting from the 6th, the girl receives 50% of the price of the drink.
All payments are made daily at the end of the work shift.
The girl keeps all the received tips in full.

When a girl is interested in how much she will earn in the club, she should understand that, like in any other club, it depends on her competitiveness and not so much on her model appearance, but on charm and sociability. That’s why it’s better to communicate at least in English.

The club has long been well known to local wealthy regulars and the tourists from many countries unburdened by financial problems and, without a doubt, provides the opportunity to get decent earnings to each girl; you only need to be able to dispose properly of this opportunity.
Since Athens and the cheerful Greeks living here are the same constant as Greece itself, which attracts tourists all year round not only for a beach holidays, the functioning of the club does not depend on generally known tourist seasonality, and you can always make decent money here.

It should be especially noted that girls do not pay me any commission; this is the club’s concern.


The girl pays for travel to Athens on her own.
Arriving girls are provided with a free airport pick-up service.

The club provides housing for working girls in comfortable apartments opposite the club for 6 euros per day, deducted from earnings daily, with the exception of one day off per week provided by the club.
The apartment for 7 people, 2-3 girls in the room, has everything you need, including a kitchen with oven, air conditioning, washing machine, hot water, free Wi-Fi.
Cleanliness and order maintenance at the apartments is the responsibility of the girls living there.


If you want to work in Greece, fill out here and send me an application, attaching to it 7-10 of your recent photos, in which your shape in full body and face close-up without glasses and a hat are clearly visible.



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