A prestigious, high-end nightclub in Lagos city, opened five years ago by a famous guru of the American entertainment industry, located in the richest, most expensive, exclusive and safe area - Victoria Island, which is the main business and financial center of the capital of Nigeria - the richest and developed country of the African continent, according to the rating of the International Monetary Fund, invites female-strip dancers to work. 

In the club with a modern security system, whose regular guests are very wealthy local and visiting businessmen, bankers, 40-50 dancers from different countries of the world perform work permanently. 

The club is open 6 days a week, closed on Mondays. 

Work schedule: from 10.00pm until the club closes at 03.30-06.00am, but if there are no guests at the club, then the work shift completes earlier. 

Victoria Island is one of the busiest centers for financial and commercial services, where offices and headquarters of international and the richest local corporations (in particular, Halliburton, IBM, Hewlett Packard), diplomatic missions of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, China are located.
Many world-class restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, bars, nightclubs, cinemas are located on Victoria Island, where the most expensive housing and its extra-wealthy inhabitants are also concentrated!
By daytime, the island's magnificent beach, Bar Beach, attracts many tourists and locals with its white sands and azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean! 


The club approves of self-confident girls with experience in strip-dance performance, aged from 18 years, slim-shaped, with attractive appearance, sociable, ready to perform full-naked striptease and table dance, fluent in English. 

A girl who wants to work in a club must understand that not only without charm and grace, but, perhaps, above all, without the ability to win over discerning, wealthy guests, the ability to sell them her table-dance, she will not be able to hold out for a long time in competition with other beauties and smarties from all over the world. 


Work under a contract for a period of one to six months with the possibility of extension.
The employer provides a business visa, for which the girl is required to send a photocopy of her passport.
The visa is sent to the dancer's email address and must be printed.
If the girl wishes, the validity of the business visa can be extended by the employer. 


Working girls, if wishes have an additional day off per week, provided on a rolling schedule by agreement with the club manager. 

The dancers, one by one, twice per work shift, perform stage dances, for the first time (duration 2 musical tracks) - in clothes, the second time (duration, at least 4 musical tracks) - full naked. 

Performing stage dances and table dances is the girls' main source of earnings. 

Table dance lasting 4 musical tracks (~ 12 minutes) or longer if guests give the dancer a money spray. 

The guest is not allowed to touch the intimate parts of the dancer's body. Kissing any part of the body is prohibited. 

The work in the club is based on the American system, which is characterized by the following:
- when performing dances on stage, a girl collects tips or receives them in the form of a money spray;
- table dance is performed until full naked;
- dancers should have their own costumes and shoes for performances;
- between dances on the stage, the girl approaches the guests herself, communicates with them, showing politeness, friendliness, disposing them to order a table dance performed by her. 

An important rule is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interests of different girls: a dancer does not have the right to sit down at a table at which another dancer communicates with guests or where a table dance is performed, without her consent or an individual invitation of the guests. 

While at work, a girl should look elegant and sexy, have a matching hairstyle and make-up, dress in her own sexy costumes in the main hall of the club (a nurse, a police officer, a military serviceman, etc.), underwear, mesh dresses, etc. and put shoes exclusively with high heels; be invariably polite to other working girls and courteous to the guests of the club. 


There is no fixed salary and girls do not pay club fees.
The price of a table dance is 10000NGN (~ 24 USD), of which the girl receives 70% (17 USD), but since money spray is, in fact, a common element of the club culture in Lagos, demonstrated even by the female guests, the dancer receives for each performance immeasurably more! 

Thus, only at dances, girls usually earn more than one hundred per shift. 

Payments of all earnings, including tips, in the amount of 70% of the money received in the form of a money spray or payment by a bank card, the girl receives, if wishes, daily, at the end of the work shift, or once a week. 

Average earnings: from 5,000 USD per month. 


Crediting of the air ticket's purchasing is not provided. 

The club provides working girls with hotel accommodation on the top floor of the club building, 2 girls per room, for 100 USD per girl per week deducted from their earnings.
Each room has free Wi-Fi and a fridge.
Bed linen and towels are changed on request, but not more often than once a day. 

There is a club restaurant in the building, room service is available. 

The exit is free, within walking distance there is a fitness facility, a grocery store.
Within a short taxi drive (Uber, Bolt: 1-1.5 USD) the beach is located.


If you want to work in Lagos, fill in here and send me an application, attaching 7-10 of your recent best photos in a bikini, with front and back views, without photoshop, filters or studio shot, corresponding to the profile of the club, on which are clearly visible your shape in full body and close-up face without glasses, mask, hat.


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