A well-known nightclub in Singapore is once again hiring party girls-hostesses.
The club, whose guests, both before and now, are local and foreign businessmen and bankers, wealthy Singaporeans and expats from Europe, the U.S., Australia, is open 7 days a week, from 22:00 to 06:00.
Singapore (Singapore) is a unique city-state that combines west and east, centuries-old traditions and the face of a 21st century metropolis, ultra-modern architectural delights of a business and financial center (one of the three largest in the world) and nature reserves (including the equatorial rainforest) .
Here, one of the highest levels of security on the planet, therefore, any visitor at any time of the day and anywhere can feel unprecedentedly comfortable.
This city is the center of stability and prosperity (devoid of the hardships of the crisis, in which, in fact, almost the rest of the world is immersed), an oasis of prosperity and chic, harmony and order.
By the way, almost every seventh resident of Singapore is a dollar millionaire, and this is the fourth place in the world ranking!


Pretty girls with a height of 165 cm or more are hired, who speak English, are ready to work on the active drinks consumation, are able to communicate with the guests of the club and keep them company in their pastime.


A girl approved for work can be initially employed under a Social visa for two months, and in case of successful work - on the basis of a work permit, which is issued for a period of 6 months, corresponding to the term of the contract.
In addition to a passport and a passport photo, no other documents are required from the girl for its issuing, if it is confirmed that she is healthy, according to the results of a medical examination in a medical institution that is a business-partner of the club.
A work permit is issued in the form of a plastic card. Its extension is not possible. A new work permit can be issued no earlier than 12 months after the validity expiration of the previous one.
All expenses for registration are borne by the employer, they do not burden the girl in any form.


Girls employed on the basis of a work permit have two days off per month.
Girls working under the Social visa have one day off per month (when working for 2 months).
The work is on the drinks consumation, on which girls earn, as a rule, more than one hundred dollars per evening.
The consumation is active, the girls themselves must approach the guests in order to communicate.
The main responsibilities of every girl at work are:
entertainment of the club guests, communication with them in order to prompt the purchase of a drink for the girl and on other topics, the consumption of drinks purchased by the guest in his company; dance performance in a discotheque style on the club's dancefloor for 15 minutes each hour of the working shift (if the girl is not busy communicating with the guest at the consumation) - to attract the guests attention.
Work strictly without topless or private dances.


A monthly salary of SGD 1,000 (USD 707) per month is paid to each girl employed by a work permit upon reaching the target of SGD 8,000 in the drinks consumation.
For girls working under the Social visa, there is a monthly goal for the drinks consumation, on which the amount of a fixed monthly salary depends:
- 6000 Singapore dollars (SGD) - the girl receives a salary of 300 USD per month.
- 8000 SGD - the girl receives a salary of 400 USD per month.
All the working girls on the drinks consumation get the commissions below:
- a shot of tequila at a price of 25 SGD - 7 SGD;​
- PCB at the price of 25 SGD - 7 SGD;​
- double PCB at the price of 50 SGD - 14 SGD;​
- B52 at a price of 28 SGD - 10 SGD;
- Cosmo at a price of 36 SGD - 8 SGD;​
- double Cosmo at the price of 70 SGD - 16 SGD;​
- Cosmo beer at a price of 35 SGD - 8 SGD;​
- a glass of red / white wine at a price of 50 SGD - 14 SGD;​
- a glass of champagne at a price of 50 SGD - 14 SGD;​
- Lychee Martini at a price of 50 SGD - 14 SGD;​
- a bottle of red / white wine at a price of 220 SGD - 40 SGD;​
- a bottle of champagne at a price of 220 SGD - 40 SGD;​
- a bottle of premium alcohol at a price of 398 SGD - 80 SGD;​
- a set of cocktails on the Ferris wheel at a price of 298 SGD - 80 SGD;​
- Premium Upgrades at the price of SGD 598 - SGD 160.
Payments to all the working girls are made:
salaries - once a month, earnings on the drinks consumation - once a week, on Tuesdays.



For girls employed by a work permit, a ticket is purchased by the employer.
A girl approved for a job by a Social visa should buy a ticket on her own. At the same time, 1000 USD is reimbursed to such a girl after 2 months of work, of which 500 USD - upon completion of the first month of work.
Upon arrival in Singapore and upon completion of the contract, the girl is provided with a free transfer from and to the airport.
All the working girls are accommodated free of charge in the club's apartments near the place of work.


If you want to work in a club in Singapore, fill out and send me an application here or by mail, attaching 7-10 of your recent best pics, where your shape in full body and face close up, without glasses, masks, hats, are clearly visible.


Hot offers


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Prestigious and upscale nightclub in Luxembourg - one of the richest cities in Europe, felicitously located in the center of the capital of the duchy, with its regular guests very wealthy local businessmen, bankers, offsprings of aristocratic families, invites to work strip dancers who are ready to work on consumation.The club is open 7 days a week.The work schedule of dancers: Sunday - Thursday: from 22:00 to 06:00 or from 23:00 to 07:00; Friday-Saturday: from 23:00 to 08:00; once a week - from 20:00 to 23:00 with a break until 01:00, and from 01:00 to 06:00.From 10 to 18 girls from different countries of the world are usually run at the club.


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The famous nightclub on the Italian island of Sardinia, a favorite place to hang out and inhabit the powers that be from Europe, the United States and the Persian Gulf, the most notorious among which are, of course, the tycoon and former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, as well as the endless line of Saudi princes of blood.The club, popular not only among tourists, but also among respectable local seniors, not burdened with everyday problems, is located in the central part of the capital of the island resort - the city of Cagliari.