The best club in the heart of Geneva, one of the best clubs in Switzerland, which has gained worldwide fame for half a century of its successful functioning as an exceptional leisure destination in a unique atmosphere and space interiors, invites the EU nationalities girls-dancers to work on so called consumation.
The club has a long-standing reputation of a world-class establishment, truly world-class, as well as a regular contingent of local wealthy connoisseurs of the beauty, with year-round replenishment of the high-end guests, such as the officials of numerous international organizations located here, as well as those amongst the highest class bankers and businessmen who are coming to Geneva by business issues from all over the world and just wanting to spend a million or couple in this world capital of jewelry chic and luxury accessories.
The club for 100 guests with an area of ​​650 m2, is opened seven days a week, from 21:30 to 05:00, and from 12 to 15 girls from different EU countries work here nightly.

Geneva (French - Genève) is the capital of the French-speaking canton in the south-west of Switzerland, located on the same name lake's shore, the second largest city of the country, with a population of more than 201 thousand people, in the metropolitan area - about 1 million people (104,300 of which are millionaires (! )), annually is included in the world top 10 best cities for life and the top 20 Global city, including the categories “personal well-being of residents”, “quality of urban governance”, “significant global financial center”.
In the city surrounded by the Alps, recognized as the world center of diplomacy, there are the largest number of international organizations in the world, such as, for example, the UN Office, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the World Labor Organization, the International Red Cross and a long ago established private banking sector with assets management of $ 1 trillion! Geneva is one of the world's leading oil trading centers, as well as the home of such world-famous watches and jewelry brands as, for example, Chopard, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Franck Muller, Vacheron Constantin.


The club employs the girls-dancers with EU citizenship, attractive appearance, nice-shaped, sociable, from 18 to 35 years old, who can communicate in English.

Girl, wishing to work in this club, must understand that without charm, grace, wit, ability to ingratiate herself with demanding guests, which are appreciating a good society and spending here tens thousand Swiss francs nightly (but spoiled by the attention of beautiful girls), ability get talking them on the consumation and sell them your private dance, you won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with other pretties and smarties from all over Europe.


Work under the contract for a period of 1 month, with the possibility of extension.


The girl works in the club, having, if she's wished, days-off provided on a staggered basis by the club manager, taking into account the established minimum of 23 working days during the calendar month.
By the beginning of the work shift at 21:30, all the girls should be ready to perform their duties, if necessary, using the dressing room and shower room, being sexually dressed, await guests at the bar and at tables, greet each guest who has came in, companion him in turn to the table, elegantly and unobtrusively offering him to keep company (at the consumation of champagne, which by agreement with the bartender, can be non-alcoholic, when the girl's guest had ordered for her a glass of drink).
If a guest has approached the bar, girls can proactively communicate with him for the same purpose, while when he is sit at the table, a girl should wait for the guest's invitation or the manager’s instructions and only after that approach the guest.

During the work shift, each girl 4-6 times takes turns performing a pole dance lasting 4-5 minutes each time, without undressing, being dressed in a bikini or a short cocktail dress. Refusal of this obligation is not allowed, with the exception of the girl’s illness at work (in this case she will be sent to the club’s apartments) or if the girl is busy on the consumation with her guest by the time of her turn to perform the dance.

Optionally, the dancer can perform a private dance lasting two music tracks without undressing.

MeeDuring the work shift, each girl 4-6 times takes turns performing a pole dance lasting 4-5 minutes each time, without undressing, being dressed in a bikini or a short cocktail dress. Refusal of this obligation is not allowed, with the exception of the girl’s illness at work (in this case she will be sent to the club’s apartments) or if the girl is busy on the consumation with her guest by the time of her turn to perform the dance.

Meetings with the club's guests in the girls spare-time are prohibited.

When at work, the girl should look elegant and sexy, have the appropriate hairstyle and make-up, dress in her own sexy short dresses and bikinis (in no case cheap or vulgar) and wear shoes exclusively with high heels; be always polite with other working girls and courteous with the guests of the club.
An important rule of consumation is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interest between different girls: a dancer is forbidden to communicate with a guest at the bar, if another working girl is already is communicating with him, without her consent or guest's invitation.

To be intoxicated is strictly prohibited.


The club provides a guaranteed salary of 2200 Swiss francs (CHF) per month, after tax, provided if the girl worked for at least 23 days for a month.
If the girl worked less than 23 days during the calendar month, the indicated wage is reduced by 190 CHF (for girls under the age of 25) or 195 CHF (for girls above the age of 25) for each day.

At the consumation of champagne, with the champagne bottles prices from 560 to 8900 CHF, the girl will earn additionally: 
- 8% of the price if during a month accumulates the amount of up to 15,000 CHF;
- 10% for the amount from 15,000 to 25,000 CHF;
- 13% for amounts over 25,000 CHF.

For the performance of private dance at the price of 160 CHF, the girl receives 50% (paid at the end of the shift, only if the guest paid in cash).

All payments are made at the end of each month, with the possibility of receiving an advance if necessary.

The girl keeps all the tips in full she received.

It should be especially noted that girls do not pay me any commission; this is the club’s concern.

The girl cannot but be interested in how much she will earn in this club.
Due to the club’s high-class clientele, from the very first day, the girl can earn not one hundred Swiss francs per evening from consumation and private dances, but per month, taking into account her salary, at least 5000-7000 CHF.
However, it is obvious that, like in any other club, it depends on the competitiveness of the girl and not so much on her model appearance (although the appearance factor is certainly important), but on charm, grace and sociability. And this is why the ability to communicate not only in English, but also in French is so important.

The club, of course, is well known to both local millionaires and visitors-deep pockets, and, without a doubt, provides each girl with the possibility of very decent earnings; you only need to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. In a word, you can aleays earn a lot here and even more.


Girls purchase the tickets to Geneva themselves.
The club provides the dancers with apartments with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, a 5-minute walk from it, 1-2 girls per room, for 450 or 850 CHF per month (depending on the accommodation, individually or not).


If you want to work in Geneva, fill out and send me an application, attaching to it 7-10 of your recent photos, in which both your shape in full body and close-up face without glasses are clearly visible.


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