Well, I'd like to share with you the recipes of my own happiness and luck.

Born in the Soviet Union in an ordinary family, I experienced all the "charms" of the Soviet and after-Soviet life in the family and at school, and in College, and at the job, which I didn't like at all actually:).

Since my childhood I realized that life, which, unfortunately, still live hundreds of millions of people all over the world, is not correct, and therefore it is not for me.
I've been worked and studied, read, developed, danced semi-professionally, began to travel.

And then I decided to overcome the stereotypes of people's perceive of something new, unfamiliar, unknown, as considered as potentially dangerous, and dare to take a chance and agreed to work as go-go dancer and hostess in a club in Europe.

How both my relatives and friends dissuaded me... But I decided to look for luck in a new field, in a new place, in a foreign country.

And when I've found it, LUCK and HAPPINESS, two in one, met thanks to this trip, my future husband, I realized how right was I, risking (as it seemed not only to me but to many people), and what exactly would be lost, if I wouldn't did what I did!

Now I'm living a quiet family life in Europe, enjoying the peace and quiet and orderliness of my beingness, I'm communicating with my lovely neighbors Brits, Poles, Greeks, etc. with their impeccable manners and real, not imaginary kindness; when I want I'm heading to the mountains and the waterfalls, or swimming at the sea, or traveling and admiring the natural and historical beauties.

And I wouldn't had something above in my life if I would listened to relatives, notorious friends (how they didn't like the change in my life!) and wouldn't went beyond the standard scheme of thinking and life.

And the same, in fact, I offer each of you, basing on my own experience.

For many years already I help all wishing people with a Job getting in the night clubs in many countries. This is contracted Job, and a high income, and guaranteed security, and support from my side for the entire duration of the contract.

But in fact, I offer you more, namely to change your destiny and find your own happiness.
I don't simply offer this - I create the conditions for it.

Of course, people's notions of happiness, or at least, of its elements, are all different.

But do you really think the girls aren't happy if they earned in the clubs such money, which let them not only to feel financial freedom, but to buy an apartment for themselves or for parents, to do there exactly designer renovation and decoration, to buy an expensive car including Porsche, to change cheap accessories on real Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Chopard?

And how can be not happy Ann which met her beloved American at the club on Saint Martin island, whom she married, gave birth to two babies and drives her Bentley in Miami?

How is it possible to deny the right to be called happy Kate, Gulnaz. Inna, another one Ann which all found their husbands in Singapore - the Shipping Company owner from Australia, the banker from NZ, Microsoft leading programmer from India, the successful lawyer from Singapore?

In short, dare and go for it, girls!
Escape from the trap of stereotypes and habits!
Look for your luck, as advised by Guy de Maupassant!
Believe with your luck, because only in this case you will find it!

Don't listen to your relatives, friends and especially the friends (these envy you with black envy, because you decided to change your life, but their spirit is not enough)!

As French poet of the nineteenth century Joseph Roux noted, our lives are passing in the desires for something what we have no, and regrets about what we will not have anymore.
So pursue for what now seems not standard, maybe even considering by someone as dangerous, and act so as don't regret the missed opportunities to change your life!
Think by yourself!
Decide by yourself!
Make up your mind!

And find your own happiness, not the surrogate, which is issued by the public opinion in your country for such average happiness, the same as millions others have got!

Be ambitious!
Set your goals, which seem today are not reachable!
And you will succeed!

But don't delay and do not doubt!
Even in Ancient Rome it was considered that the lost case rarely recurs.

I will help you!

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Famous nightclub with 20-years history on the Italian island of Sardinia - a favorite place of pastime and habitat of the powerful and super-wealth people from Europe, the U.S., Persian Gulf Monarchies, the most famous of which is, of course, the tycoon and former Prime Minister of Italy Mr. Silvio Berlusconi. The club, located in the old part of the second largest island’s city of Sassari, close to the Mediterranean coast, is popular not only and not so much among tourists as among the local respectable signors, not burdened with everyday problems.

club in Bali

Luxurious and ultra-modern club at the biggest and most developed, popular and bustling resort of Bali - Kuta which is a suburb of the island's capital Denpasar.Being the most prestigious, it is a must visit venue of the resort, surrounded by hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and other clubs, souvenir shops and trendy boutiques, all of which annually attracts a million of tourists from neighboring Australia, and even more from Europe and the U.S.! A lot of them are from Singapore - fortunately the flight time is only for 2.5 hours.To take part in a party in, undoubtedly, the best club in Bali, consider it an honor by internationally renowned DJs, dance teams, singers. So, to come here both to work and have fun it's equally not just.The club can accommodate up to 1,000 guests (mostly they are the main visitors of the club Australians throwaway money left and right and imitating them representatives of the local officials and the business community) and is open from Wednesday to Sunday (during August by Mondays as well, twice in two weeks), from 23:00 to 06:00.


Prestigious and upscale nightclub in Luxembourg - one of the richest cities in Europe, felicitously located in the center of the capital of the duchy, with its regular guests very wealthy local businessmen, bankers, offsprings of aristocratic families, invites to work strip dancers who are ready to work on consumation.The club is open 7 days a week.The work schedule of dancers: Sunday - Thursday: from 22:00 to 06:00 or from 23:00 to 07:00; Friday-Saturday: from 23:00 to 08:00; once a week - from 20:00 to 23:00 with a break until 01:00, and from 01:00 to 06:00.From 10 to 18 girls from different countries of the world are usually run at the club.

Club on the Caribbean (Saint-Martin island)

Club on the Caribbean (Saint-Martin island
The best topless adult entertainment club not only on the island but also in the Caribbean, for many years, and this explains its popularity among regular customers, mostly from the U.S., Canada, and also from the "parent" Holland (the Netherlands) and France. Why of these European countries?