The prestigious night club in the well known for its active nightlife town of St. Julian's, on the famous for its antique and especially the medieval architecture island of Malta, with its distinctive Mediterranean beaches and unique atmosphere, romantic during daytime, and unrestrainedly fun at night.
The club is located in the very rave area of the town - Paceville, known for many discos, night clubs and the largest casino in the country.
Working hours: from 21:30 to 05:30, one day a week is off.

Malta is an island state with an area of only 316 km2 in the Mediterranean, 93 km Southern of Sicily. This is one of the smallest but also one of the most densely-populated countries in the world. It includes, first of all, the Islands of Malta and Gozo, as well as little inhabited island of Comino and tiny Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul's Islands and Manoel Island - which are uninhabited. The length of the Malta - 27 km, width - 15 km. Gozo is half less and Comino is just 2 km in length.
The capital city of Malta - Valletta, the area of which is only 0.8 km2, making it the smallest capital in the EU.
The official languages are English and Maltese.
Learn more about Malta here.


The club offers the job to the dancers with attractive appearance in age from 21 years up to 35 years, sociable, with knowledge of spoken English, at least at a basic level, with the obligatory consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any drink for her or a bottle of Champagne or any alcohol to drink together with him, or any meal ordered by her customer).
The girl that wants to work in this club, must understand that without charm, grace, wit, ability to ingratiate herself with the guests, which unconditionally so keen to entertainment (and believe me - they are willing to waste money at all, and with increasing levels of testosterone - even more so), ability get talking them on the consumption and sell them your private dance, you won't be able to hold at least any long in competition with others pretty and smart from all over Europe and not only.


It's absolutely easy to get a job in this club for EU citizens. Just come and start your work under contract for a period from one month to any term which you agreed with the club boss about.


During the shift girl is obliged to perform 5-6 dancing in bikini on stage (3-4 minutes each) under her own music tracks mainly. At the direction of the club Manager, on some days topless Striptease is performing instead of bikini dancing.
It's girls obligation to perform also a lap dance, table dance, private dance. 

Consumption, if any girl wish, in agreement with the bartender - non-alcoholic.
At runtime all the girls must look elegant and sexy, have the appropriate hairstyle and make-up, wear own stripper dance costumes for a performance of the show on stage, and in the main hall of the club dressed in own sexy long and short dresses, wearing shoes solely with high heels; be unfailingly polite with other working girls and courteous with guests of the club.
An important rule of consumption is avoiding a conflict of interest of different girls: any dancer does not have the right to sit down at a table, at which any another dancer communicates with the guest, without her permission.
To be in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited.


All the money earned during the working shift, will be shared with the club in the ratio: 60% - for the girl, 40% - to the club.
Girl's commission for the consumption:
- 2 euro for each drink;
- from 10 to 35% of the price of any bottle of alcohol, including champagne (half an hour of communication with the guest), 25% of the cost of any meals ordered by the girl's guests in the restaurant of the club.
Payment of a lap dance, table dance, private dance: from 20 to 100 euro.
Payments for dancers are once a week on Wednesdays.

From the earnings of the girl in the first few days will be charged to the Deposit of 300 EUR as the interim measure for her continuous work in the club not less than 4 weeks. After this period the Deposit will be returned to the girl.

It should be noted that girls don't pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club.

The girls are wondering how much can they earn in the club. There is no short answer, because obviously, as in any other club, it depends on a girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), but on her charm, grace and sociability. And that's why it is so important to be able to communicate in English because most of the club guests are talking in this language.
The club, of course, well known to tourists and luck catchers from Europe (especially coming here to spend money or to win in the greatest casino on the island - and the gambling institutions are allowed far from all EU countries), visiting Malta a year-round (fortunately, the climate here is mild and fly from Europe is not far - so, even in winter here people galore) and, of course, provides every girl the opportunity of very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. In short, to earn here not just a few is always possible.


Girls buy round-trip tickets for flights to Valletta (Malta's capital city) themselves. Shuttle service from the airport and to the airport after her contract is completed is free of charge.
The club provides for the dancers free accommodation at comfortable apartment near the club, with a kitchen, TV and Internet, fridge, microwave, bathroom with shower. 2 girls are staying at the room.
Girls pays only for used electricity and water (usually about 1 Euro per day).
Club provides for the girls meals in the club restaurant with a 50% discount.


If you want to work in Malta, fill out and send me the application form, attaching to it a few recent pictures of yours, on which are clearly visible your shape in the full height and face close up without glasses.


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