The dancers are invited to work in a bar and a nightclub in the capital of Norway, Oslo, who are ready to work on the active consumation of drinks.
The establishments are open seven days a week, from 21:00 to 03:30.
The Kingdom of Norway is a European state with a population of about 5.5 million people and an average annual per capita income of about 90 thousand US dollars, with the country's annual income from oil production of approximately $40 billion (it's this sector that provides more than half of national exports), occupying the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, which also owns a huge number of nearby islands, is one of the world's leading shipping powers, and since October 2009 has topped the list of the most developed and prosperous countries of the world - a status largely ensured by the discovery of oil and gas offshore blocks in the 1960s.
But the main sightseeing of Norway is nature. Picturesque fjords surrounded by furry rocks, northern lights and polar day, clear lakes and mighty glaciers with waterfalls - the landscapes of this country are truly fantastic!
Oslo is the capital and the biggest owe city of Norway, which is located in its southeastern part in the Baltic Sea on the shores of the Oslo Fjord. It is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly capitals in Europe with an abundance of interesting (mostly modern) architecture, museums, restaurants and shops.  Oslo is a surprisingly compact, comfortable and peaceful city, where modern landscapes coexist with the stunning natural beauty of fjords and wooded hills.


Establishments approve self-confident girls with EU or Ukrainian citizenship over 18 years old, slender, attractive, sociable, serious and ambitious, ready to work in active consumation and perform striptease, including private dances, who speak English.
The minimum contract period is two weeks.


Having six working days a week, the girl has the right to use one day off.
A girl who wants to work must understand that not only without charm, but, perhaps, above all, without elegance, quick wits, the ability to be charming with demanding local guests, get them to talk in consumation and prompt to buy her private dance, she will not be able to hold out for any long time in competition with other beauties and smart girls from all over Europe.
When at work, outside the stage or private room, the girl should be dressed in a long sexy, elegant dress, high-heeled shoes only, make-up and hair should always be in proper condition.
Important rules for working girls:
Dates and meetings with guests outside the establishment are prohibited, as well as telephone contacts with them outside of work!
Each girl every 10 minutes performs a dance on stage for two musical tracks, one of which is in a stage costume, the second is topless and the last 15-20 seconds is full naked.


There is no fixed salary, dancers earn by performing private dances and receiving commissions on the drinks consumation.
At the same time, for a 10-minute private full naked dance with a price of 1000 Norwegian kroner (NOK), the dancer receives 40%, what is 400 NOK.
For the performance of Full naked table dance with a duration of one musical track, with a price of 500 NOK, the dancer gets 50%, what is 250 NOK.
On the dronks consumation, the dancer gets 25% of the price of a bottle of wine (600-2000 NOK) and a bottle of champagne (from 2600 NOK).
The establishment guarantees that the dancer will earn at least 600 NOK (more than 55 euros) from the drinks consumation and private dances on average per work shift; if a dancer earns less than NOK 600 per shift due to an insufficient number of the guests, the establishment will pay the difference.
The average rate is calculated based on the number of working days that the dancer has during her work in the establishment.
In particular, if the dancer came to work on a 20-days contract (20x600=12000 NOK), at the end of the contract the total amount she earned during this period is calculated: if, for example, 10000 NOK, this is less than guaranteed earnings, and then the institution will pay her extra 2000 NOK on the last day of the contract.
Girls can collect tips on stage and at the private rooms.
Payment of earnings is made to a bank account at the end of the contract (the dancer must have a bank account in the country of residence).
Dancers may receive a small advance for food and running costs.
At the end of the contract, the girls must pay 15% state tax.


Tickets are not credited by the establishment.
The establishment provides each working girl with free accommodation at the comfortable apartments, 2-3 girls per room.
Transfer housing-club-housing - free of charge.
The establishment provides free of charge picking-up the girls who arrived at work at the bus terminal in Oslo (Busterminal) or at Oslo Central Station (Central Station).


If you want to work in Norway, fill out here and send me an application, attaching 7-10 of your latest best photos without photoshop, which were not taken in a photo studio, corresponding to the profile of the establishments, where both your spape in full-body and your face close-up without glasses are clearly visible.


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