The best Gentlemen's club in Louisiana, USA, for 19 years of its impeccable functioning has gained, without exaggeration, the glory of a great venue for people to relax, regardless of their gender and age - everyone here will find something that will certainly is making to come back again and again: an exclusive atmosphere of comprehensive attention to each guest, luxurious interiors, the most advanced sound and light systems, excellent cuisine and a wine list, unforgettable aesthetics of the show, both for the whole audience and for individual.
Located in the city, which is chosen as the headquarters of the giants of the oil and gas industry and global IT leaders, with their exceptionally high, even by the standards of the United States, income, earnings and bonuses of employees, and especially top managers, they exactly are the club's regulars.

Louisiana is a state in the southern United States, washed on the south by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with a long history of relations with France (even the state derives its name from King Louis XIV of France), covering an area of ​​more than 135 thousand km2, with a population of more than 4.5 million people. The southwestern part of the State, known as Acadia (by the name of French colony in Canada of the 17th-18th centuries, from where the Frenchs were deported by the Britishs in the second half of the 18th century, and a significant part of them settled in Louisiana), where there are many hotels for those interested in the unique nature of the state and Cajun cuisine (Cajuns, and there are about 400 thousand of them in Louisiana - they are the descendants of those deported Frenchs from the Canadian Acadia), a chain of shops, golf courses, rivers, lakes and parks, a zoo, lake and ocean beaches, restaurants, in a word - everything for the saturated and varied pastime of our club regulars.

The club for 100 guests is open all days of the week, except Sunday, until 02 AM, from Monday to Thursday - from 05 PM, on Fridays from 03 PM, on Saturdays - from 06 PM.
The club employs from 15 to 30 girls from around the world, which use one day off per week, on Sundays.


The club employs girls of a pleasant appearance, shapely, over 21 years old, fluent in English, with experience in strip plastic and pole dance, sociable, purposeful, ready to perform topless dances and shows.

A girl who wants to work in the club should understand that not only without charm and grace, but, first of all, without wit, the ability to ingratiate herself to pragmatic and demanding very rich club regulars, to get talking them on a consumation, sell them her private dance, she will not be able to hold out at least for a long time in a competition with other beauties and smarties from all over the world.


The minimum period of employment is one month.
The maximum period is determined by your wish to work and earn a lot.


As a base of the club work is a system that is characterized by the following:
- on a pole in one of the scenes, costumed dances are performed, lasting 2-4 music tracks, the second half of which is performed topless; the frequency during the shift is determined by the club manager, as a rule, one performance every hour and a one and half of hour;
- when performing topless dances on the stage, the girl collects tips;
Private dances can be performed until topless only in one of 15 private rooms or VIP rooms and zones;
- in order to maintain a professional atmosphere, the girl is obliged to change clothes three times per shift;
- there are no special requirements for stage costumes - long and short dresses, sexy underwear are acceptable;
- dancers are caring themselves about costumes for their performances;
- between dances on the stage, the girl approaches the guests herself, without following any line, communicates with them, showing courtesy, friendliness, encouraging them to purchase drinks for her (consumation) or her private dance;
- twice per shift, as directed by the club manager, the girl offers the guests to purchase her three dances for only $ 30 (such dances last one shortened track).
An important rule of consumation is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interest between different girls: a dancer has no right to sit down at a table at which another dancer communicates with guests without her permission.
When performing dances, touching the guest to any parts of the body of the dancer is forbidden.

When at work, the girl should look elegant and sexy, have the appropriate hairstyle and make-up, put on her own stage costumes for the stage show, and in the main hall of the club to wear her own sexy long and short dresses and put only high-heeled shoes.

Although the system of work is open, the girl is forbidden to meet with the guests of the club during he spare time.
Smoking is prohibited in the club, it is permissible only outside the club, in the designated areas.


There is no fixed wage.
The main earning of the girls is because of private dances performances:
- for the performance of a private dance lasting 15 minutes, the dancer gets $ 75;
- for the performance of lap dance lasting about 3 minutes with a price of $ 35, the dancer gets $ 25;
- for the performance of three dances for $ 30, which the girls offer the guests twice for a shift, the dancer gets $ 25.
Thus, girls earn at least $ 300 in dancing only, and usually at least $ 1,000 per shift.
At the request of the girl, drinks can be non-alcoholic.
All payments are made daily, upon the work shift is completed.
The dancer keeps all the received tips in full.

Girls pay club fee to the club in the amount of $ 40 daily, excluding day off.

It should be especially noted that girls do not pay me any commission; This is the club’s concern.

The girl cannot but be interested in how much she will earn in the club. Since it is obvious that, like in any other club, it depends on her competitiveness and not so much on the model appearance (although the appearance factor is certainly important), but on charm, grace and sociability. And that's why the ability to communicate in English is so important. Although, if you speak French as well, your advantage over others will be indisputable!
The club, being a must-visit venue for the oil, gas and IT specialists, which are extremely overspending money and of course provides each girl with the opportunity to earn decent earnings; you only need to be able to dispose properly of this opportunity. In a word, to earn here not just a little - but a lot and even much more is available always.


The club does not credit flights. All girls get flight at their own expense to New Orleans, USA.
Upon arrival to New Orleans a girl is provided with a  transportation to the accommodation for 175 USD, which will be withheld from her earnings. 
When 21 work shifts are completed, the girl is paid $ 300 of a reimbursement for her ticket costs.
The club provides girls with free accommodation in comfortable and fully furnished rooms, in the club complex, 1-2 girls per room.
At the disposal of the girls there is free Wi-Fi, a kitchen with everything you need.


If you want to work in a club in Louisiana, fill out and send me an application here, attaching your recent photos with a shape in full body in sexy underwear or a bikini, including front and back snapshots, as well as your face close up without glasses and a hat.


Hot offers


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