Night bars in Singapore, both existing for 8 years, and completely renewed, owned by the same owner, for the passed years have been known as a great place to relax in the company of sharming hostesses from Russia and Ukraine, as well as Eastern Europe, and therefore have regular guests - locals who are not burdened with worries ​ and, like true Singaporeans, not constrained in spending.
​Cozy bars, each of them with a capacity for 30-40 people, are located in the central part of the city, where crowds of tourists are coming usually to visit, mixing with plenty of the Singaporeans, surrounded by popular venues of leisure and entertainment, 2-4 km from the already have become legendary Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.
​ Bars are open from Monday to Saturday, from 19:00 to 02:00.
​ Normally up to 6 girls work in each of the bars.
​Singapore is a unique city-state that combines west and east, centuries-old traditions and the face of a 21st-century metropolis, cutting-edge architectural delights of a business and financial center (one of the three largest in the world) and nature reserves (including the equatorial rain ​ forest). ​ Here, itvis established one of the highest levels of security on the planet, therefore, any visitor at any time of the day and noght and anywhere can feel unprecedentedly comfortable. ​ This city is the center of stability and wealthy (devoid of the hardships of the crisis, in which almost the rest of the world is increasingly immersed), an oasis of prosperity and chic, harmony and order.
​By the way, almost every seventh resident of Singapore is a dollar millionaire, and this is the fourth place in the world ranking!


​The bars approve girls with an attractive appearance aged 18 to 35, polite, without a hint of arrogance, able to work in a team, fluent in varying degrees of spoken English, since their main job is active consumation, that is, proactive communication with ​the bars' guests.
Girls are employed by work permit or without it.
In the latter case, if a girl likes everything and her work is executing well, in 2-3 weeks after her work beginning she can apply to the bar boss for a work permit application for her.
Work permit is issued for a period of 6 months, corresponding to the term of the contract.
In addition to a passport and a passport photo, no other documents are required from the girl for its registration in Singapore, if it is confirmed that she is healthy, according to the results of a medical examination in a medical institution that is a business partner of the bar.
A work permit is issued in the form of a plastic card. Its extension is not possible. A new work permit can be issued no earlier than 12 months after the expiration of the previous one.
​Girls work, having a common day-off a week - on Sundays.
​ Work - on drinks consumation, on which girls earn at least $ 200 per working shift.
​The consumation is active, the girls approach themselves  the guests; by agreement with the bartender, it can be non- or low-alcohol. ​ Communication is contactless, the guest is forbidden to touch the girl.
​ Girls must be dressed like a disco: short dresses, skirts, shorts (but not jeans or T-shirts), high-heeled shoes.
​ When working in the bar, a girl should look attractive, be consistently polite with other working girls and courteous with bar's guests.
​ An important rule of consumation is the inadmissibility of a conflict of interests of different girls: a girl has no right to sit down at a table at which another working girl communicates with the bar's guest, without her permission or invitation from this guest.
​ Being intoxicated is prohibited.
​ The use of a mobile phone is allowed only when a girl does not communicate with the guest.
​ Providing a guest with a girl's phone number and meeting with a guest during girl's spare time is only permissible in order to attract him to visit the bar.


1200 SGD is basic fixed salary paid monthly to a girl, employed by the work permit (WP)
The rest earnings depend of the points collected by a WP-girl.
If a WP-girl has collected during a calendar month more than 450 points, she gets 5 SGD per next point.
While there is less than 450 points a month, a WP-girl still gets the basic fixed  salary of 1200 SGD, but if it’s s lasting for more than 2 months (not achieving 450 points monthly) then work permit can be cancelled.
Working on drinks consumation, a WP-girl gets 50% of the price of drinks after collecting 450 points:
- 3 points - 15 SGD - 3 shots of tequila;
- 5 points - 25 SGD - a bottle of Heineken beer;
​ - ​5 points - 25 SGD - a bottle of St. Miguel Light beer or a whiskey-cola coke or similar cocktail (30 minutes of communication);
​ - 6 points - 30 SGD - a half can of stout beer in a glass;
​ - 10 points - 50 SGD - Long Island Tea cocktail;
- ​ 30 points - 150 SGD - wine bottle for a lady;
​ - ​40 points - 200 SGD - a bottle of vodka;
- 60 points - 300 SGD - a bottle of Champagne.
In average each girl gets about 600 points a month.
For example is a WP-girl gets 750 points within ​a month, her total earning is: 1200 plus 300x5 SGD= 2700 SGD.
​The commission payments are made together with the monthly salary after computing the girls total points within a month.
Advances payments from salary or commission are available.
The girls before obtaining of the work permit will get straight 5 SGD per point without points norm.
- 3 points - 3 shots of tequila;
- 5 points - a bottle of Heineken beer;
​ - ​5 points - a bottle of St. Miguel Light beer or a whiskey-cola coke or similar cocktail (30 minutes of communication);
​ - 6 points - a half can of stout beer in a glass;
​ - 10 points - Long Island Tea cocktail;
- ​ 30 points - wine bottle for a lady;
​ - ​40 points - a bottle of vodka;
- 60 points - a bottle of Champagne.
This earning will be paid weekly, by Wednesdays.


Comfortable accommodation for the working  girl is provided, four girls a room:
- for the WP-girls - free of charge;
- for a girl before obtaining of the work permit - for 125 SGD per week, which are deducted from the girl's earnings.
If you want to work in Singapore, please fill out and send me the application form here or email:, attaching to it 7-10 of recent best pictures of yours, on which are clearly visible both your shape in the full body and face close up without spectacles or sunglasses.


Hot offers


A luxurious nightclub for 400 guests in the capital of Turkey, the city of Ankara, has been known for many years, it is very popular among the capital's reputable businessmen, bankers and officials, as well as foreigners who come here all year round on business and compete with the locals in the ability to spend money on a grand scale. Ankara is a metropolis with a population of about 5.5 million people, the center of plenty museums, large banks, universities, and a major transport center in Turkey. The club, which is open every day from 22:00 to 05:30-06:00, usually employs up to 50 girls from different countries.


The dancers are invited to work in a bar and a nightclub in the capital of Norway, Oslo, who are ready to work on the active consumation of drinks. The establishments are open seven days a week, from 21:00 to 03:30. The Kingdom of Norway is a European state with a population of about 5.5 million people and an average annual per capita income of about 90 thousand US dollars, with the country's annual income from oil production of approximately $40 billion (it's this sector that provides more than half of national exports), occupying the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, which also owns a huge number of nearby islands, is one of the world's leading shipping powers, and since October 2009 has topped the list of the most developed and prosperous countries of the world - a status largely ensured by the discovery of oil and gas offshore blocks in the 1960s.But the main sightseeing of Norway is nature. Picturesque fjords surrounded by furry rocks, northern lights and polar day, clear lakes and mighty glaciers with waterfalls - the landscapes of this country are truly fantastic!Oslo is the capital and the biggest owe city of Norway, which is located in its southeastern part in the Baltic Sea on the shores of the Oslo Fjord. It is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly capitals in Europe with an abundance of interesting (mostly modern) architecture, museums, restaurants and shops.  Oslo is a surprisingly compact, comfortable and peaceful city, where modern landscapes coexist with the stunning natural beauty of fjords and wooded hills.


A new modern night club in the heart of the Chinese tropical paradise - Hainan Island, a short drive from the island's capital city of Haikou, opened its doors to female dancers who want to work on consumation. Hainan is an island and a province in southern China, on the same latitude as Hawaii, in the tropical waters of the South China Sea, with a population of 9 million people, a dynamic resort, visited annually by more than 76 million tourists spending almost $ 14 billion on the island ! It is famous for its snow-white beaches washed by azure waters, with comfortable temperatures all year round (average annual air temperature is +23 ... + 25 ° С), magnificent natural parks, thermal springs, and first-class tourist infrastructure. The club for 500 guests and 50 working girls from around the world, during its pilot mode operating, has already proven itself to be a great holiday destination for wealthy tourists and rich locals, spending here many tens of thousands nightly, is opened seven days a week, from 8.00 PM to 02.00 AM.


The prestigious gentlemen's club in Cape Town, the second most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg, as well as the legislative capital of South Africa (the country's Parliament is located there), conveniently located in the heart of the city, its Central Business District for 6 years, next to the premium class hotels and the famous Victoria and Albert Waterfront, which has as its regular guests wealthy local businessmen, numerous parliamentary and government lobbyists, invites exotic (striptease) dancers who are ready to work on the drinks consumation as well.