Club in Macau

International show-club number one in Macau. It is very conveniently located in the heart of Macau, occupying two floors of the world famous AIA Tower, near popular among the tourists Grant Emperor Hotel. 
The cult of the guests literally flourishes here, and for the girls will be necessary to join it. Each of the guests in the club will be welcomed at the door and escorted on the red carpet to the entrance of this first-class entertainment center of the world level, which is almost 1000 m2 space. On each floor there is a special and unique atmosphere. The luxurious interior is inspired by the European style of French king Louis XIV - The Sun King (no wonder the club's logo reproduces the heraldic Lily of the Royal court of France) and Art Deco, but with traditional Chinese elements. Graceful sculptures, as if out from under a chisel of the greatest sculptors Praxiteles or Bernini in combination with the best in all respects performers of different genres from all over the world, and daily over 40 of them are run up there - that's the hallmark of the club. 
If on the first floor, on two separate stages simultaneously are performing dance shows non-stop, then the second floor is given over to luxurious VIP rooms with a private service and individual entertainment. On this floor is located the most popular VIP-hall for simply parties, bachelor parties, hen parties and corporate parties with its own sound system and large screen for viewing games or performances. 

The club is open every day of the week, from 21:00 till 05:00. 
Many in the organization and practice of its work is borrowed from the clubs of Las Vegas. 

Macau (Chinese name - Aomyn') is a former Portuguese colony, now is Special Administrative Region of China under the principle of "one country, two systems", i.e. has its own legal, financial, regulatory, immigration, customs systems. 
It is one of the world centers of gambling, famous for its nightlife, gambling houses, casinos, hippodromes. Sometimes it calls as the world capital of gambling. The tourists come here for entertainments, thrills and fun. 
Learn more about Macau here. 


The club approves of the girls with an attractive appearance at the age up to 30 years old and with the height of not less than 165 cm, mostly with the experience of a strip-dance and pole dance, speaking English more or less.
The applicants can be girls which are dancing Topless, and dancers of different styles or performing a dance show, ready to run on a proactive alcohol consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any drink for her or a bottle of Champagne or any wine or spirits to drink together with him).

The girl that wants to work in this club, must understand that without charisma, charm, grace, wit, the ability to ingratiate herself with, first of all, indecent rich Chinese Nouveau riche (and they are the majority of the club guests), ability to get talking them on the consumption and sell them your private dance, you won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with others pretty and smart. 


Fortunately, immigration policy Macau is so liberal that the entering to its territory for the citizens of 75 countries doesn't require a visa. 
The list of the countries which citizens don't need a visa to enter Macau is here.
You can check do you need a visa in fact on this link:

At the passport control in the airport or in the terminal for Hong kong ferries or on the border of Macau and mainland China - checkpoints leading into the mainland of China - the relevant seal will be stamped in the passport, before what a girl must fill out the application form in English and to pay the application fee in the amount of $13, and you are in Macau legally! 

The term of a work contract - 3 months. The girl must sign her work contract which was sent before by me, carefully familiarizing with its contents.

The work permit is issued on the spot (in Macau).

According to the law of Macau, each dancer is required to obtain a work permit (the so-called Red Card), and it can't be issued before the girl's arrival in the country. To obtain it from the girl will be sampled fingerprints and a blood sample for the medical tests. If her health is all right, the work permit is issued within a week.

The work permit is paid for by the club and does not bear a financial burden on the girl, including in a latent form. 


The dancers work 6 days a week, with one "moving" day-off. Evening shift is 8 hours. 
Normally 15-20 girls are run up in the club, in the weekend - 25-30 dancers.

The show of each girl consists of costumed dances on both stages (2 tracks for each stage). A girl is dancing on stage 4-5 times per shift, collecting tips. 
The girl must wear her own dance costumes for a performance of the show on stage, and in the main hall of the club dressed in her own sexy long and short dresses and wearing shoes exclusively on high heels. 
Make-up services are paid by the club, without giving effect to any financial obligations of the girls. 

The basis of the club's work organizing is the American system, which is characterized by the following: 
- in order to keep a professional atmosphere the girl is obliged to change her stripper dance costumes twice per shift;
- there are no any special requirements to a stage costumes - acceptable long and short dresses, sexy lingerie;
- dancers cares about their costumes for performances themselves; 
- on the pole the Topless dancing is performing; 
- private dances are performed Topless; 
- girls are approaching to the guests themselves, without observance of any queue. 

Any acts of a sexual nature, in particular: kissing, the touching of intimate parts of the body and their contact, sex in any form - ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT THE CLUB.
It is prohibited for the dancers to leave the club with any of the guests.
After the end of the shift, all the dancers are accompanied by the guards to the club's van, which brings them to the place of the residence. 

The system is open. During off-hours the girls can meet with whomever they wish.


The club pays each girl a fixed monthly salary of 1650 US dollars ($-USD) and opens for her private Bank account at that. 
In addition, she receives 50% of the prices of all her private dances and 20% of the prices of the drinks (a glass of cocktail, bottle of champagne, bottle of any wine or spirits) which she made on the consumption. 
This payment can be made by the guest not only in USD, but also in the currency of Macau - the Macau Pataca (MOP), as well as in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) which are using here along with the local currency (1MOP=0.12-0.13USD; 1HKD=0.13USD). 
In particular, if a topless lap dance (a private dance on a guest's lap with naked breasts) costs $44 (MOP 350) and lasts 3 minutes, she receives $22. If the guest will order a lap dance with a specific girl (Call Request), she gets a bonus of $12.50 (MOP 100). 
The touch from the waist and above is allowed. Private dances are performed in separate rooms. The guards are always are controlling through CCTV system a behavior of the dancers and guests during the performance of private dances. 

A girl can keep all received tips fully.

It should be noted that girls don't pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club. 

The girls are wondering how much can they earn in the club. There is no short answer, because obviously, as in any other club, it depends on a girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), but on her charisma, charm, grace and sociability. And that's why it is so important to be able to communicate in English because most of the club guests are able to talk in this language. Although, if you speak Chinese, at least just a little bit, your advantage is no doubt! 
The club, of course, is well known to businessmen, rich tourists and simply thrill-pleasure-seekers (visiting Macau to spend money or to win at the most huge casino in the world, which is located nearly - to learn more about casino number 1 in the world, the Venetian Macau - here) from all over the world and, of course, provides every girl the opportunity very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity.
Because in Macau there is no explicit tourism seasonality (as, the lion's share of the comers here are the visitors to the casino, and not just the tourists; and, as it's obvious, the seasonality is not typical for a gambling, especially in the world's centers, the list of which Macao rightly tops, putting for the belt and Atlantic city, and Monte Carlo, and even Las Vegas), earn here not a few - a lot and even more is always possible.


Clubs don't provide any credits for the flight to Macau, considering the fact of a ticket purchasing by the girl herself as evidence of her serious intentions to try to earn a lot in the mutual interests.
However, at the completion of the girl three-month contract, the club will reimburse her the cost of airfare in the amount of not more than $1000. 

The club provides accommodation in a comfortable and fully furnished apartment, two girls in the room. There is Wi-Fi, cable TV, Laundry. The residential complex has an outdoor pool and a gym. 
Monthly payment for each girl - $350 (MOP 2,750), all utilities included (water supplying, electricity, gas, Internet and cleaning).


If you want to work in the club in Macau, fill out and send me the application form here with attached recent pictures of yours which are clearly visible your shape in the full height (in sexy lingerie or swimsuit) and face close up without glasses. At least one photo must be Topless (and this is not my whim - that is a requirement of the boss of the club). Thereat, the pictures, processed in Photoshop, will not be accepted.
After the approval please send on my email: a scanned copy of your passport, scanned copy of your birth certificate, colored passport photo of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm with white background.


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