The Nightclub in the South of Spain, near the Mediterranean coast, known for many years, popular not only among not the needy tourists and very respectable gentlemen which are coming to play on adjacent located world-known Golf course, but also among the respectable local landowners (not boys, actually), whose estates and endless lands are located nearby. 

The club is opened from 21:30 till 05:30, 6 days a week, the day-off is Sunday.

In the club are usually run up to 15 girls from different countries of the world. 


The club approves the girls aged from 18 to 30 years old, responsible and conscientious, with attractive appearance to work on consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any drink for her or a bottle of wine or Champagne to drink together with him), which can additionally work as the topless pole dancers (optional). The preference is given to those which speak English and even better Spanish, at least a little bit (although such is not the determining factor). 

The girl which wants to work in this club, should understand that not only without charm, but maybe, above all, without wit, romanticism and emotionality, ability to ingratiate herself of the Spanish and Brittish (mostly) customers which have seen a lot and are able to compare, the ability get talking them on the consumption, she won't be able to hold on at least any long in competition with others pretty and smart from all over world. 
That is why it is so important as soon as possible to learn not complicated standard phrases and words in Spanish, because, ultimately, the amount of your earnings will depend on this! 


It's absolutely easy to get a job in this club for the EU citizens. Just come and start your work under contract for a period from one month to any term which you agreed with the club boss about. 


The main work is the consumption, where girls are able to earn hundreds of euros per night. 
Consumption is active, the girls approach the guests themselves. By the desire of a girls and in agreement with the bartender, can be non-alcoholic. The communication duration with any drink consumption - 20-30 minutes.

Dancers can perform topless dances on a pylon with the duration of 2 music tracks, at the suggestion of the manager or the request of the the club guest p, who in that case should buy a cocktail for the dancer.
Dancers can also perform private dances (duration - 20-30 minutes).

Girls should be dressed as a disco, elegant and sexy short dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, tops (but not jeans, trousers or t-shirts), shoes and sandals exclusively on high heels. 
Working at the club, girl needs to look attractive, with beautiful hair styling and make-up, to be unfailingly polite with other working girls and courteous with the guests of the club. 
To be in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited. 
The system is open. During girl's spare time she has the right to meet with anyone she wants. However, if she simultaneously doesn't earn at the club, first she gets a warning and if after that there is no any progress - she will be fired.
For absence from work due to an unexcused reasons - a fine of €50. 
All kinds of a sexual behavior or services inside the club are strictly prohibited.


It the club the different payment systems of work and rates of consumption are used. 

The first system, which is the priority: 

Prices for the drinks on consumption:
Drink at the bar - €20.
Drink on the sofa in the main hall - €30.
Drink at a table - €40.
Drink on the sofa behind a small partition - €50.
A small bottle of champagne - private communication in the room separated from the main hall - €100.
Travel outside of the club (by invitation of a guest of the club and if a girl desired) - €300.
From all the above prices a girl gets 50%.
For the performance of the dance on the stage at the suggestion of the manager, the girl receives € 10, while for the same at the request of the club's guest € 20 (plus € 10 for a cocktail obligatory for a guest in this case).
For the performance of private dance (20-30 minutes), the dancer will receive 50% of its price, which is € 100.
Payment of a persentage of a consumption and payment for the performance of dances is made daily, after the working shift’s completion.

As an alternative a girl has the right to choose the following system of work and payment:
The club provides a daily fixed salary of €25. 

From the above pricing for consumption and for the performance of private dance, the girl who chooses this payment option gets 25%.
For the performance of the dance on the stage at the suggestion of the manager, the girl who chooses the considering payment option, gets € 10, while for the same at the request of the club's guest - € 20 (plus € 10 for the cocktail required for the guest's purchasing for the girl).
The percentage of travel outside the club remains the same: from € 300 girl has 50% (€ 150), but this day a fixed wage is not paid.
Payment of wages,% of consumption and payment for dances performing will be made daily, after the working shift completion. 

A girl can keep all received tips fully.

The earnings per month are from 1500-2000€. 

When a girl is interested, how much can she earn in the club, she needs to understand that, like in any other club, it depends on her competitiveness and not so much on the appearance of the model, but on the charm and the ability to introduce herself and be interested for the club's guest. That is why it is so important the ability to communicate in at least in English, and Spanish, of course. 

The offered club is well-known for the local businessmen, financiers and wealthy tourists and, of course, give every girl the opportunity of a decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. 

It should be noted that girls don't pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club.


Club do not provide any credits for the flight to Spain, considering the fact of a ticket purchasing by the girl herself as evidence of her serious intentions to try to earn a lot in the mutual interests. As a rule, she will recover her costs for her ticket due to earnings on a consumption for one, maximum two weeks.
Club provides accommodation in a few comfortable 2-3 bedroom apartments in the town centre, close to the sea, with fridge, washing machine, microwave, TV; accommodation for 2-3 people in the room (maximum of 6-7 people at the apartment). 
The price is € 40 per week per person, is withheld from wages on Mondays for the upcoming week. 
To and from work, the girls get a taxi for €5 (chipped for four, the price of the trip per person is €1,25).
The meals are at girls expense.


If you want to work at the club in Spain, fill out and send me the application form, attaching to it a few of recent pictures of yours, which are clearly visible your shape in the full height and face close up without glasses.


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The Nightclub in the South of Spain, near the Mediterranean coast, known for years, popular not only among not the needy tourists and very respectable gentlemen which are coming to play on adjacent located world-known Golf course, but also among the respectable local landowners (not boys), whose estates and endless lands are located nearby. Another one nightclub recently opened on the wonderful seaside resort has managed already to garner glory among the crowds of relaxing here Brits and Germans of a must visit venue!