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The nightclub which is existing for many years, being well known as the perfect relaxation venue in accompanying of the caring hostesses and graceful go-go dancers from the former USSR (mainly from Russia and Ukraine) and Eastern Europe, and therefore, has got the regular customers from all over the world, is located in the legendary entertainment district of Singapore - Orchard road (as Singaporeans are telling - The Great Orchard Road), in a multi-storey shopping and entertainment complex, where there are a lot of boutiques, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discotheques, round the clock passing through the crowds of locals and visiting businessmen and bankers, tourists from Australia, NZ, USA, EU, Hong Kong and China, which are hanging out in full and wasting money.
The club is open daily, seven days a week, from 21:00 until 03:00, Friday and Saturday from 21:00 until 04:00. By the decision of the club’s management the working time can be extended by one hour. 
The club usually is run up to 30 girls.

Singapore is a unique city-state, where are combining: East and West, traditions and 21st century metropolis’ face, ultra-modern architectural delights of the business and financial centre (one of the three largest in the world) and nature reserves (including Equatorial rain forest). There is here one of the highest levels of safety on the planet, accordingly any person at any time and in any place can feel unprecedented comfort. This city is the center of stability and prosperity (devoid of the crisis troubles that engulfed almost the entire rest of the world), the oasis of prosperity and chic, harmony and order. 
By the way, almost each seventh resident of Singapore is a dollar millionaire, and this is the fourth position in the world ranking.


The girls, which wish to work in Singapore, should not to be afraid of competition, the level of which is high - a lot of people want to work right here! 
The club approves the girls with attractive appearance in age from 18 to 35 years old, which are able to speak English enough to communicate, as their main obligation is related with active consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy a drink, bottle of vine, Champagne, etc. to drink together with him).

NB: vacancy for an approved applicant for employment is maintained only if within 7 days after approval such applicant has sent me her ticket's copy to Singapore.


Majority of the countries' citizens don't need a visa to enter Singapore. It concerns all European countries, doesn't matter, EU members or not (exception for Ukraine and all CIS countries), US, Canada, all Central and Southern America's countries, Caribbean, SAR, Australia and NZ, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia. 
These countries' passport holders can enter Singapore without visa and stay there up to 90 days.
All the rest must get a visa.
You can check do you need a visa in fact on this link:
The EU girl can stay legally in Singapore for 90 days. This period can be extended for another 90 days through short trip to neighbouring Malaysia for a couple of hours and returning to Singapore; it should be done in coordination with the club's Manager, to whom such girl should appeal a week before the expiration of 90 days. 
Violation of the specified regulation by the working girls will lead to the club's rejection to refund her payment for accommodation and the reimbursement of her ticket's cost, in both cases, regardless of her compliance of the established norms of drinks consumption to get these types of compensation. 
The work contract is from one month. 
The work permit is issued for a period of 6 months. 
In addition to the passport and passport photo, no other documents are required from a girl for its issuing there, in Singapore, under the results of the club General Manager's evaluation of a girl's performance, if confirmed, that she is healthy, according to the results of medical test in a medical facility which is the club's business partner. Medical test and work permit is paid by the employer (more than 5000 SGD), and the corresponding costs are not borne the financial burden on girl. 
Work permit is issued in the form of a plastic card. Its extension is not possible. A new one work permit can be issued not earlier than in 12 months after the expiration of the previous one.


Girls are working having two-three days off within a month, if they wish to use these days off. 
Mostly work obligations are to be a hostess on a consumption, where girls earn within the working shift, as normally, not a hundred only.
The go-go style dances are not staged or costumed performances, and serve only the purpose to attract the guests attention. Each girl is obliged to dance triple within her working shift, by 15 minutes each time (exclusion, if she is communicating with the customer, having a drink from him). 
Thus, there is no reason to worry about your stage costumes and shoes - you don't need them. Girls should be dressed according to a disco style: short dresses, skirts, shorts (but no jeans or t-shirts), high-heels shoes only. 
While working at the club, girl must look attractive, be unfailingly polite with other working girls and courteous with the customers of the club. 
To be in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited. 
Management reserved the right to terminate any working girl’s contract which violates the rules as following.
1) Committing a serious offense, such as alcohol intoxication before coming to work, misbehaving and creating of troubles or threatening to a customer.
2) Fighting with employees, fighting or insulting a customer.
3) Stealing girls’ chips or trying to cheat the company, stealing from customers.


The minimum monthly income of the EU girl is 2,940 USD. Consists of fixed salary - 1,200 USD, paid once per month subject to the fulfillment of the working period (not less than 28 working days within a month after arrival) and the drinks target (norm) - 240 drinks per month, for each of which the girl gets a chip equal to 10 Singapore dollars - SGD: 240x10=2,400 SGD (~1,740 USD); 1,200+1,740=2,940USD (drinks target for those the EU girls which have chosen an accommodation outside the club hostel, is 270 drinks, what increases their monthly income up to 3,160 USD: 270x10=2,700 SGD (~1,960 USD); 1,200+1,960=3,160 USD)! 
If a girl didn't reach the drinks norm within the current month, the amount of the fixed salary (1,200 USD) shall be reduced by 30 SGD per missing glass; if she didn't complete 28 working days within a month after arrival, fixed salary will not be paid, regardless to the fulfillment of the drinks target. 
The EU girl will get up to 1000 SGD as compensation for her flight ticket’s cost, accumulating for three consecutive months the period of work not less than 85 working days and accomplishing the norm of 720 of drinks in total (240x3) or for those which have chosen an accommodation outside the club hostel - 910 drinks in total (270x3); while executing the standard norm of 240 drinks (the same for those who chose the option of single capsule accommodation) within a month, she is entitled to free housing, and all previously paid for accommodation money will be returned back to such girl. 

The minimum monthly salary for the rest girls (before work permit obtaining) is 3000 SGD, consists of a fixed salary - 1200 SGD (about 1000 US dollars), paid once a month, subject to the fulfillment of the working period (not less than 28 working days within a month after arrival) and drinks target (norm) for consume drinks (glasses) - 180 drinks per month, for each of which the girl receives a chip equal to 10 SGD (180x10 = 1800, 1200 + 1800 = 3000);
in a case of unfulfilment of the drinks norm by such girl, the fixed salary is reduced proportionally; when working for less than 28 working days a month, the salary is not paid, regardless of the fulfilled drinks norm;
if the norm of 300 drinks (330 - for those who have chosen individual capsule accommodation) is fulfilled within a month, the girl is entitled to free housing, and all the money previously paid for housing is returned to her.


Girl's commission for consumption (which, at the request of the girl, can be non-alcoholic): 
- any cocktail glass (15 minutes of communication) - 10 SGD (girl gets one chip);
- a bottle of wine, liquor, etc. - SGD 100 (10 chips),
- large bottle of champagne, 1.5 litres - 200 SGD (20 chips).

What was earned on consumption, is paid daily, at the end of the working shift. The obtained chips are exchanged for money.
All received tips girl keeps fully.

When a girl is wondering, how much will she earn in the club, it's necessary to understand that, like in any other club, it depends on girl's competitiveness and not so much from an appearance of a model, but her charm and sociability. That's why it is so important the ability to communicate in English because the vast majority of clubs' customers are talking in this language. 
The club is well-known for businessmen and tourists from all over the world and, of course, gives for each girl the opportunity of very decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. Since Singapore does not have a distinct tourist seasonality (because a significant proportion of it visitors are businessmen, financiers, but not tourists; and, as you know, seasonality is not typical for business, especially in the global business and financial centres, which Singapore is considered along with NY and London), to earn here not a few, but a lot and even more is always possible.
It should be noted that girls do not pay me any Commission; it is the responsibility of the club.


The club will compensate up to 1000 SGD from the cost of the flight ticket, if the EU girl, having worked for three months not less than 85 working days, accumulated on the consumption 720 drinks for that period (what is obviously not complicated, as it's still the same standard norm of 240 drinks per month!). Compensation is paid if girl provided to the club Manager documentary confirmation of the purchased ticket prices (receipt).
Meanwhile, the club does not provide any credits for the flight to Singapore, considering the fact of a ticket purchasing by a girl herself as evidence of her serious intentions to try to earn a lot in the mutual interests. As a rule, she will recover her costs for her ticket due to earnings on a consumption for one, maximum two weeks, and after two months will get another one compensation, but that will be the reimbursement from the club.

The club provides accommodation in a city hostel in 10-minute drive from the place of work, where girls occupy two levels, separately from other guests of the hostel, with a kitchen-dining room for working girls only, with a fridge, washing machine and drying area, five toilets and showers on the 2nd level and three - on the 3rd level, change of bed linen once a week, rooms cleaning three times a week, free Wi - Fi. As housing payment the accrued commissions for two cocktails (3 cocktails- for those who chose a single capsule accommodation option) consumption is held daily from each girl - only until the EU girl reaches the standard norm of 240 drinks (the same for those who have chosen the option of single capsule accommodation), while all the rest reached the norm of 300 drinks (330-for those who have choosen individual capsule accommodation), within a month, in this case such girl is entitled to free housing, and all previously paid for accommodation money will be returned back to her. 

Girl have the right to stay outside the club hostel, at her discretion, with a standard payment to the club (2 chips daily), with the refund of this payment to the girl provided that:
the EU girl reached the drinks norm of 270 drinks within the calendar month - monthly;
a girl from a non-EU country reached the drinks norm of 330 drinks within the calendar month - monthly.


If you want to work in the club in Singapore, please fill out and send me the application form here or on my mail:, attaching to it 7-10 of recent best pictures of yours, on which are clearly visible both your shape in the full height and face close up without spectacles or sunglasses.


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